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The Power of Kawaii

Picture: Hello Kitty, Rainbows, Pink and bright colours, all of these thing are what the Japanese call “Kawaii”. “Kawaii” is the Japanese word for cute. When it comes to this trend, its followers like to dress in child-like clothing to capture a level of innocence and youth. 355 palabras más

Review: Not-so-obvious smart home with Leviton’s Decora Smart Switch & Dimmer


Before I had even moved into my new apartment a few months ago, I was already dreaming of ways to integrate HomeKit throughout the space. 822 palabras más


Japanese Fashion Subcultures

In this lesson we will:

  • discuss “Why do we wear uniforms?”,
  • discuss Japanese Fashion Subcultures,
  • revise vocabulary (clothing items),
  • describe what someone is wearing and…
  • 182 palabras más
Japanese Culture

Who are the Harajuku Girls?

It’s always curious to observe how diverse cultures continuously influence each others and gravitate towards a never ending motion. In particular, that of Decora has previously been a japanese street style taking inspiration from European high fashion and eventually ended up to inspire european designers and artists in turn.  310 palabras más


The Art of Japanese Street Fashion

You can’t deny that Tokyo, Japan has the most artistic street fashion in the world and possibly the craziest, and it’s no wonder many travel to this country just to experience it. 301 palabras más


El corazón detrás de Rainbow Arts DR: Nathalie Abreu


Creadora de @RainbowartsDR y nueva colaboradora en nuestra comunidad, nos presenta su historia de cómo dejo atrás su profesión para encontrar su pasión… 689 palabras más


First time trying the Fairy Kei Style

Hello Everybody *^^*

Today, I decided to experiment with Fairy Kei inspired fashion.

Fairy Kei is a popular subcultures within Harajuku fashion; it is characterized by pastel colours, decora, and child-like elements. 218 palabras más