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5.26.2020 whipped cream experiments

common recipe

per 100g cream

10g sugar (most common american recipes) + 1/4t cream of tartar to stabilize

7-8g sugar (most common korean/japanese recipes)

*will depend a lot on the cream itself American cream has low(er) fat content (35-36%) 141 palabras más


5.25.2020 pavé chocolate brownie (+ chocolate/fat behavior references)

recipe & notes

113g butter
140g dark chocolate
100g 2 eggs
90g brown sugar
20g corn syrup
1g salt
2g vanilla ext

instead of 45g flour/30g heavy cream… 899 palabras más


5.24.2020 sourdough english muffin

recipe & mod


  • didn’t rise well
  • use discard for flavor, and use the full yeast amount in the recipe
  • also accidentally heated the resting muffins for 5 min as I kept them in the oven but I turned the oven on…
  • 279 palabras más

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