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The Underestimated Richelieu Wing in Museum of Louvre

Ever since people talk about the Museum of Louvre, Denon Wing always the first and the highly recommended since three pieces of the most valuable art objects are gathered here: … 629 palabras más


Your Home Entertainment System

If money were no object, what kind of system would you install in your own home for the purposes of entertainment? As time goes on, the restrictions on what we can reproduce in our houses are disappearing, with only the issue of cost to really hold up what we can do. 45 palabras más

Everything About Home Theaters

Review: AirPods vs Denon AH-C820

I had the pleasure to unwrap two brand new pairs of headphones in the last two days: AirPods 2016 (I’m a late buyer) and a Denon C820. 548 palabras más


Updated Serato DJ to version 1.9.10

I finally decided to upgrade my version of Serato DJ to version 1.9.10 and so far, so good. To be honest, there was nothing wrong with Serato DJ 1.9.6. 106 palabras más


Why A Bigger Screen Makes A Movie Better

Watching a film on a dedicated home entertainment system is not a new idea, per se. For many years the average family has had the option to watch a film of their choice on their own TV screen, as the commercial market in video technology has grown. 45 palabras más

Everything About Home Theaters