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#SOL20: Unfortunately/ Fortunately


It is past the middle of October. October weather is fickle. Sometimes the first snow has fallen before Halloween. More often than not, the first “measurable snowfall” occurs much later. 208 palabras más

Slice Of Life 2020

The Autumn Leaves

It is Fall.

I am used to seeing a beautiful array of reds, burgundies, golds, oranges, ambers, and so many other rich, deep colors in the tree tops. 366 palabras más

Upside Down

Proverbs 3:5

On a walk, our son, Ethan, noticed this upside down sign, most likely caused by the damaging derecho storm in August.  The sign seems fitting, since our world feels upside down with the pandemic, sprawling, fatal wildfires, thousands of birds falling from the sky, etc.  18 palabras más

A forest starts and ends with a tree

On August 10, I sent a text shortly after noon to my flatmates:

“Get the chickens in! Shriekies first, as the big ones can get under cover.” 189 palabras más


Derecho Cleanup Continues

It has been two months since the derecho roared through Iowa. Before the Aug 10 derecho, we enjoyed a nice wooded area behind our house. The shade and filtered light was calming and peaceful. 318 palabras más


Iowa’s Wild Weather Year: From Drought to Derecho

The wild weather this year was the topic of our webinar on Wednesday, September 30. Dr. Justin Glisan, the State Climatologist of Iowa explained the formation of the drought and its expansion across western Iowa, as well as the short and long-term impacts of the drought on the growing season and crop production. 298 palabras más

September 30 Webinar: Iowa’s Wild Weather Year: From Drought to Derecho

Iowa Learning Farms will host a webinar on Wednesday, September 30 at noon about Iowa’s weather in 2020.

“With 95% – 99% of Iowa experiencing abnormal dryness or drought and 57 counties affected by the derecho, most Iowans have been impacted by this year’s wild weather,” said… 305 palabras más