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Girl, Bye: The Rise & Fall Of The Housewife

It started with an under-water cam of Felicity Huffman putting the whoop-ass on her bad-ass children. It was followed by Eva Longoria mowing the grass while wearing an evening gown… at night. 706 palabras más


From Desperate Housewives to desserts, Teri Hatcher 'joins Great British Bake Off'

Teri Hatcher has reportedly signed on for a charity version of The Great British Bake Off.

The Desperate Housewives actress is a ‘bit of a left field choice’ but it is thought that she is a keen baker and is up for the challenge; she currently tuns her own YouTube cooking channel and she won a celebrity edition of US cooking show Chopped in 2013. 145 palabras más


Dominican Real Wives

A not so traditional look at the lives of stay at home housewives was done in a show called Desperate House Wives that used to be on prime time television every Sunday. 251 palabras más

Daily Prompt

Comparing the suburbs in S1Ep02 of "Father Knows Best" and the Pilot of "Desperate Housewives"

I recently showed two episodes of suburban TV in a class involving the study of the American suburbs. I asked students to look at five dimensions of the two episodes in question – “ 528 palabras más


The passions of Danielle Soto: A Q&A about her "Golden Girls" podcast, “Dr. Cheesecake”

This is the seventh post in a series in which we profile people’s passion projects and let them explain their work in their own words. Learn more and see a list of all the projects profiled… 745 palabras más

Passion Projects & Theme Songs

Sex is industry

My favourite band, Switchfoot, are coming back to London at the end of next month and my awesome wife has bought us tickets to go and see them as a celebration of our first anniversary! 899 palabras más

Welcome to Wistiria Lane

Quem se lembra deste post que escrevi, pouco depois de aqui chegar? Publiquei-o precisamente há dois anos, vivíamos ainda noutro bairro. Mas o que tem realmente graça é que hoje, durante uma… 259 palabras más