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Screen Sounds: Steve Jablonsky

Critically acclaimed composer Steve Jablonsky’s work can be heard in many of the biggest television shows and films in the past decade: A Nightmare on Elm Street… 1.217 palabras más


tv’s finest

This post is for my favourite TV character ever, Julie Mayer of ‘Desperate Housewives’. I feel like we would be friends in real life, because A) she’s super sassy, and B) she gives good advice; what more could you want?! 147 palabras más



“And can you believe it? Good thing it’s over with.”

“And good thing you don’t have to go through that anymore. Oh, good for Tony for turning it around. 1.555 palabras más

Creative Writing

Things to do during Maternity Leave! (before baby)

Hello again ladies,

I’m back again with another maternity related post. Now that I am on Maternity Leave I find myself laying around the house bored. 737 palabras más


Gone but not forgotten: TV favourites

I watch A LOT of TV – yes, including trashy reality TV. But the true test of commitment is sticking to a TV series till its very end. 720 palabras más

Ice Queen

It’s unimaginably ironic to say, but for a writer, I am often not all that great at communication. Or rather any form of communication that requires me to share feelings other than shade or anger or sarcasm. 790 palabras más


Last night‘s episode of Supergirl finally revealed the endgame of Mon-el‘s mother, Daxam Queen Rhea, played to deliciously evil perfection by Teri Hatcher… 369 palabras más

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