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This night

Finally, I’m starting to enjoy this goodbye. After the not-very-welcomed symptoms of my last chemo, the same awful symptoms that I’ve been having for eight months, for sixteen times, finally, I can feel that the worst has past. 290 palabras más


Taller de cocina: Amor a mamá, de toda especie. Cremería vegana. Viernes 20 de mayo

Taller de cocina ecosustentable: Amor a mamá, de toda especie. Cremería vegana.

Reserva a: y al teléfono 5446335

Fecha: viernes 20 de mayo

Lugar: La casita Ecovegana (Calle Mar Mediterráneo #9, Centro. 39 palabras más


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Bienvenidos al nuevo Blog de Palabra, espero que Dios te bendiga y te edifique este día.

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How to improve depth in your shots

During the match you may notice that suddenly your opponent is inside the baseline and attacks on most of your shots. You have little time to respond and suddenly your court is getting bigger than his. 563 palabras más