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6 Fascinating Advances in Forensic Science

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Forensic science is a captivating topic, as evidenced by the droves of television shows and movies that dabble in the theme. 735 palabras más


Insider, Part 1


Haulfyr kicked into the farmhouse, followed by half a dozen armored men. He shook off his heavy cloak and hooked it by the doorway. Two of the six men guarded the front entrance, spears at their side. 496 palabras más


Six Takes the Wheel

I stared in wide-eyed horror at the van tearing right at us. The car behind moved right up until it was almost touching the back bumper. 91 palabras más


Mystery: Fingerplay / Song

A Mystery in 10
Text CK Emanuel; Actions by CK Emanuel & Naomi Timpe
Based upon the traditional rhyme, “One, Two, Buckle My Shoe”

One, Two… 105 palabras más


Private Eyes

Thursday 20th October 2016 9:18am

Some detective I am; I can be smart at some things, yet so daft at others.
How could I miss so obvious a connection as their having the same last name? 17 palabras más


Book Review: Devil in a Blue Dress by Walter Mosley

This is one of my picks for #DiverseDetectives.

#DiverseDectectives is an book blogging event through the month of October hosted by  @siliconphospho and @Bina_ReadThis. Through this month I am committed to read two mystery / detective novels featuring detectives of color and posting at least one review. 606 palabras más


[MA] Case 1 – 3: Chạm mặt.

C1 – 3: Chạm mặt.

Trong phòng nghỉ của SunMin, DongHae đang cẩn thận lấy ra những cái bánh cuối cùng vẫn còn chút âm ấm, mỗi cái trang trí kem bơ và mứt khác nhau, con bé kia cũng có phần rảnh rỗi thật. 9.946 palabras más