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Mogi the socialite

Mogi thought it would be good for her ‘fans’ to know that she has an active social life outside work. Her biographer thought maybe she should gain some fans before she tries to please them. 18 palabras más


002.9 To Trap a Trespasser

Ever since the night she and Amos had discovered the bloody mermaid figurehead, Banana had abandoned any pretense of living in her cozy cabin and had taken to sleeping aboard the Ceasg. 507 palabras más



Killer struck from behind, remaining undetected. But the crime wasn’t perfect. It never is.

There’s always some evidence left behind.

Aha!. Ran off in a hurry and dropped something. 22 palabras más

Short Story

Death in a Dacron Sail by N A Granger

Rhe Brewster is a sassy lady.  Not content with working part time in ER and looking after her hyperactive son, she is also a consultant with the local police department.  292 palabras más

Book Review

Thursday Scribbles: Wrong Side Of The Law

Last week, I mentioned a detective story that I’d been working on and had indefinitely put aside. The post also included some character portraits of the story’s main good guys. 551 palabras más

Waltz around the Thames

The river looked deep and inviting, its darkness invading profoundly with commitment and solitary. Frederic stepped on a wet cobblestone and peeked downward at the treacherous Thames, admiration rose over his face accompanied with fear and incurable helplessness. 8.614 palabras más

Short Stories

A History of Pulp Crime Novels

An article from the New Yorker that had some interesting things in it about those fantastic, hard boiled novels when men were men and women were…Hell, no. 11 palabras más

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