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The Rainbow Distorted: Prologue

What’s going on people? What I am uploading today is something I have been trying to write for close to 8 months now. This is the prologue of a novel I have tried to write. 707 palabras más


Blowing my cover - Lindsay Moran

Our next instruction was to traverse by night over many more miles of hostile territory, to find a shelter serving as base for a suspected terrorist cell.

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Reactions in the Man-Malo Chatroom and the Murderer Revealed - The Snow White Murder Case, Part 3

Let’s finish our series on Kanae Minato’s The Snow White Murder Case (湊かなえの「白ゆき姫殺人事件」) and end it with a bang.  Picking up where we left off with chapter 4 “Local Residents,” journalist Akahoshi continues to interview about six or more people associated with person of interest Miki Shirono. 2.635 palabras más


Salvation of a saint by Keigo Higashino

I picked this book up when I went on a book buying spree. I had already read Malice by this author before (and abso-freakin-lutely loved it). 493 palabras más

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In the Woods (Part One)

Detective Bruhl parked his car and sat for a moment staring out the windscreen. He adjusted his left glove and took a sip of coffee. This was his first body that wasn’t on a slab in some morgue. 518 palabras más

500 Word Challenge

The Widow by Fiona Barton

Seriously now??? Gone Girl was a good book. Well written. After that The Girl on the Train. Even though It was of the same “patten” it was still a ok read.

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KiKiRa The Great

I’ve been fortunate enough to be nestled into the world of Bangla Literature in my formative years. I had begun reading magazines and novels for children even before I turned ten. 1.091 palabras más

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