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The Case of the Village Murder: A Mystery

My girlfriend and I wrote this short mystery to pass the time while taking a train ride, inspired by the book “Two Minute Mysteries” by Donald J. 233 palabras más


“A family ship will never sink until it is abandoned by its crew.”

Tidak ada alasan buat The Snowman untuk bergulir menjadi film yang, paling enggak menjadi film yang baik. 1.103 palabras más


"Serial" The Podcast

    I thoroughly enjoyed this podcast I found it intriguing and fascinating. The way the speaker told the story kept you hooked and wanting more. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, you’re given so many different stories you aren’t sure which to believe so you must keep listening. 402 palabras más


Butch Cassidy has a new man on his trail. The explorer-adventurer Josh Gates sets out after the legend of the famous outlaw in one episode of an all-new season of… 283 palabras más


The Archivist — Lenara Lenquil Adventures — Chapter 7, by Anna Dobritt

. The adventure continues!

Chapter 7 With few cars in the Clinic parking lot, Lennie parked near the entrance. The receptionist smiled in greeting. “Hi Lennie.

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Detective Bowers, Case File 4.

I didn’t think much of the journey I had to make to The Dump, but I thought it was the finish line waiting for me at the end of this twisted chase that’s been leading me around in circles. 1.389 palabras más


Smashwords End of Year Promotion

I have enrolled in the first-ever Smashwords End of Year promotion, taking place December 25, 2017 though January 1, 2018. For eight days only, my books will have deep discounts on ebooks, with coupon code levels for 25%-off (code: SEY25), 50%-off (code: SEY50), 75%-off (code: SEY75) and FREE (code: EY100) . 91 palabras más

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