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Death of a Dapper Snowman - "Hang in There"

Death of a Dapper Snowman by Angela Pepper

The first two chapters set the scene but, other than being a bookend for the story, have little to do with the very original mystery. 166 palabras más


A Call for Beta Readers

All the experts seem to agree that the best way to find a beta reader for a nearly finished novel manuscript is to ask for interested volunteers. 602 palabras más


Mystery Mondays: Kate White

You may know Kate White as the wildly successful editor-and-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine. For fourteen years she sat at the helm of this behemoth of a women’s magazine. 486 palabras más

Cedar Rapids Public Library

Drunken Dork Podcast Episode 58: Special Guest - Comic Book Writer Greg Wright

On this week’s show, the guys are thrilled to sit down with college professor & honest to goodness comic book writer, Greg Wright!  During their conversation they discuss Greg’s Book, “Wild Bullets”, how he’s able to use the comics medium in the classroom, the thrills he gets from working with the pencillers on his books, as well as the upcoming projects he has coming down the pike! 117 palabras más


Behind Lori Baer,2

Behind Lori Baer CHAPTER 2

I was flat on my stomach; eyes shut tight but wide awake. I yanked the pillow from under my head and clapped it firmly around my ears to muffle the clock radio. 7.217 palabras más

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From Hell by Alan Moore (Book Review)

From Hell by Alan Moore once again proves my earlier statement.

“…Alan Moore is a graphic novel God…” me.

He is. He so freakin’ is! I know, I’m doing it again. 622 palabras más

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Omit this from your story at your peril - PPE

PPE not PPI is the acronym under discussion here.

Every police officer is equipped with PPE, otherwise known as Personal Protective Equipment. When responding to an incident, particularly if it is expected to be of a violent nature, the control room or the officer’s supervisor will ask the attending officer if they have possession of their “full PPE.”  Generally they will be in possession of the whole lot so they can minimise the risk of injury to themselves and facilitate the arrest of a violent offender. 405 palabras más

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