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Sato and Abe are called to a murder scene

(An excerpt from The Gangster’s Son, a Shig Sato Mystery)

The police inspector knelt over the dead woman. He gently tilted her young, battered face. Her hair, dusty with debris, fell at odd angles. 896 palabras más


A Bad Idea 34

“So this is the safe that the whip was taken from,” Matt said, leaning and taking a long whiff of the safe.

“Yeah,” Anne said, eyebrow arched as she tried to figure out what the hell Matt was doing. 246 palabras más

A Bad Idea

The Case of the Missing Dog

There was nothing worse than spending the 4th of July on a cruise ship instead of going to our town’s Independence Day picnic. There were always exciting mysteries to solve at those picnics, but I would be stuck in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of adults.  761 palabras más


Gun for Hire

The first time I posted this particular piece, it started with an apology for being slack. Here is another *smacks own hand*.

So I had an idea recently, and it grew, as ideas do. 2.011 palabras más