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Trailer and journey of my first E-Book 'Deal of Death'

It’s been quite a while that I shared my thoughts on the blog. While April was filled with daily activities owing to the A2Z challenge, May started with a reflection post related to my experience of the challenge. 276 palabras más

A2Z 2018

Special Assignments (Boris Akunin)

By Boris Akunin

First published: Особые поручения, Zakharov Publishers, Moscow, 1999; first English language translation, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2007, by Andrew Bromfield

English language blurb… 449 palabras más



It is definitely not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you like sci-fi movies and film noir detective movies you should probably check out Netflix’s… 127 palabras más


Brash Detective Services, Inc

​Max Brash didn’t know how to sit at a desk without propping his feet up on it. He sometimes wondered if this was more than 75% of the reason he’d opened up his own detective agency (he knew for a fact it was at least that much). 747 palabras más


The Crime Conductor (Philip MacDonald)

By Philip MacDonald

First published: US, Doubleday, 1931; UK, Collins, 1932

Blurb (US)

Colonel Gethryn’s collection of cases is becoming unique.  “I want to know,” asks Dr. 815 palabras más




        Đồng hồ báo thức lại kêu inh ỏi báo hiệu một ngày mới đã bất đầu, Huỳnh Hy lại đỡ cái đầu tê rần của anh. 1.390 palabras más