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Chapter One - The Summerhouse

The content of the chapter may be upsetting or triggering for some people as it deals with depression, self-harm and suicide. Please be careful about reading it. 2.583 palabras más


Pandemonium: Chapter 14

JUNE 13, 1995

“It was an all-time high on over where they comin from. Fried eggs on pavement, folks flesh meltin on off, and skulls still sweatin. 6.357 palabras más


BREAKING NEWS ... An Exciting Boston Blackie Discovery!

How many Boston Blackie stories did Jack Boyle publish?  This has been a point of contention for years.  H.K. Fly’s often-reprinted 1919 collection presented seven Blackie tales, which for nearly a century were the only specimens of Boyle’s writing available in book form.   437 palabras más

Boston Blackie

Review of Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett

Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett. ★★★★★

I highly recommend Guards! Guards! a fantasy novel that follows a cast of unusual heroes: the city watch. This hilarious novel works great as a stand alone or as an introduction to the Discworld, the sprawling forty book series created by Sir Terry Pratchett. 557 palabras más


Pandemonium: Chapter 13

APRIL 8, 1994

“They found him dead. Don’t know why. They said he killed himself. But, they don’t know why. They say it was wit a gun. 3.235 palabras más


001.12 A Cosmetological Conclusion

The Head Zookeeper’s jaw dropped, the Junior Assistant Zookeeper blanched, and the Night Guard/Animal Watcher’s expression did not appear to change much at all. Officer Apricot Dorrit was studying each of their expressions and body language closely as George made his theatrical announcement. 855 palabras más


Introducing "Blondes, Books, and Bourbon"

No, it’s not a unique mix of library and nightclub. That would be very strange…

Today I’m going to just sit back with my second cup of coffee and let the blog people tale over: 1.816 palabras más