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Covers are a tricky area for an author. My last two books, Tangled Roots and Trouble Waters, have featured differing views of the Lowry Hotel on the river Irwell in Manchester, England. 97 palabras más

A Fishy Business

I was going to call this review “Angling for Praise”, and boy, was I going to praise the book!

I was going to say that Rutland reminded me of Christie and Marsh in all the best ways. 553 palabras más

What Is Distinction?

“What is distinction?” asked Dorothy L. Sayers.  “Those few who achieve it step – plot or no plot – unquestioned into the first rank. We recognized it in Sherlock Holmes and in… 1.617 palabras más


Consulting Detectives and the Police

(In this post I’m going to consider the relationship between a consulting detective and the police, from the perspective of writing about them. Nothing in this post is meant as literary criticism of any examples which are considered.) 1.676 palabras más

Blackcat Book Club: The Seven Percent Solution by Nicholas Meyer

What does Sherlock Holmes have in common with the classic film Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan? Find out on this week’s installment of the Blackcat Book Club.


Review: The Invisible Library

“Once upon a time there lived a brother and a sister who both belonged to the same library. Now this was a strange library, for it held books from a thousand worlds, but lay outside all of them. 431 palabras más


The Chase

My newest form of exercise has become long walks with Xena. I’m talking 30-45 minutes people. I recently found out, which I’ll get into detail later, that my body actually burns M O R E fat with lower intensity exercise. 1.307 palabras más