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The Mansion Murder Case - A

It was late in the evening,it was windy but silent.There were police scattered everywhere just below the mansion. The mansion was given an old vintage look with a small shed filled with tools at the side of it.That silent night was filled with horror as large prideful laughs were given from the notorious Viper Lang. 422 palabras más


The New Boy: Andy Samberg

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There’s a lot to like about Andy Samberg, the SNL alum with an unruly ‘fro, gap-tooth grin, the uncanny ability to turn an NSFW joke into fodder for the dinner table. 466 palabras más

Mortal Gods by Jonathan Fast

     Her skin was sea-blue, so fine as to be almost transparent. The scintillation of light across it seemed to be caused by some sparkling oil, possibly cosmetic or else an effusion of the flesh. 349 palabras más

Science Fiction

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Blog Tour- For Reasons Unknown by Michael Wood

Super excited to be the first stop on the blog tour for Michael’s For Reasons Unknown. Blogsquad may or may not have pressured him into it, but only because we loved the book and wanted to share it far and wide! 1.609 palabras más


A recent DOGS IN THE DISTANCE reader review

I gotta say, I really love this one….

“Only buy this book if you are in to tormented, layered, alcoholic detective characters *raises hand*, moody, Portland based grungey imagery, Smells Like Teen Spirited cheerleaders included *raises hand*, and the craziest, most unexpected, completely dark and disturbing twist in a fictional story that I’ve come across in a very long time *raises hand*. 33 palabras más

First 100 Books

The Caves of Steel by Isaac Asimov

John Campbell (editor of Astounding Science Fiction, later called Analog Science Fiction and Fact) once commented that Science Fiction was incompatible with Mystery. In response to this, Asimov wrote The Caves of Steel – A Science Fiction murder mystery which, to this day, is still one of the best technoir books I have read. 482 palabras más

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