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Genre Mash-Ups

I’ve read a couple books recently that meld distinct genres in ways I’ve never considered before, and the results have been pretty awesome.


Rebel of the Sands, by Alwyn Hamilton, is a gunslinger set in the fantasy Middle East, with a sharpshooter protagonist who’s the child of a djinni.  94 palabras más

DJ Mike on the Mic...

Most teenage kids have jobs in high school working fast food, some do grunt work, and some mow yards. I certainly mowed many yards, but I also was an on-air radio announcer at the age of 16. 631 palabras más

Personal Stories

Anime Review: Death Note

Episodes: 37
Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Psychological, Shounen
Related Words: life, death, good, evil, light, dark
Rating: 4/5 868 palabras más


Day 31

This is a continuation of Day 30.
We spend the next few hours creating a list of places my parents might be. If Krex is to be believed, there are only three black sites close enough. 589 palabras más


Day 30

Today is a continuation of Day 27.
The house is dark when I get back, and I curse under my breath. Johns is sitting in the living room, playing with the holodeck I’ve been using to convince the house I’m still inside… 524 palabras más


Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Is My Favorite Way To Experience A Sherlock Holmes Story


My mom loves mystery stories, but I’ve never really seen the appeal. While we both love reading, she likes to puzzle out the mystery as she reads along. 606 palabras más


What Would Nancy Drew Do?

I have been a fan of Nancy Drew since I was a kid and I read my first case of hers The Mystery at Lilac Inn… 647 palabras más