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The time has come to Exit the Gungeon

Every story comes to an end, but when it actually ends, we hardly ever see what comes after it. For something like Enter the Gungeon… 633 palabras más


CARRION Sneak Peek Demo

A quick look at the sneak peeks demo for CARRION, a reverse horror game by indie developer Phobia Game Studios and published by Devolver Digital… 13 palabras más


Como devolver una gift card de amazon

Como devolver una gift card de amazon

Como aplicar Gift Card a Amazon – Canjear la Gift Card Amazon Conoce como aplicar una Gift Card Amazon Tutorial como comprar en amazon con tus gifs cards o tarjetas de regalo – Duration: Como Comprar una Gift Card en Amazon Bien Explicado COMO CAMBIAR TUS GIFT CARD AMAZON POR BITCOIN A TRAVES DE “PURSE Como comprar (GIFT CARD) EN amazon desde Venezuela con bolivares Los más vendidos Chollos Ofertas Productos Reacondicionados Lista de deseos Cheques regalo Amazon Prime Apps de Amazon Vender en Amazon Trabajar en Amazon de 139 resultados para “gift card amazon” Te mostramos cómo puedes convertir esas tarjetas de regalo que no quieres en dinero en efectivo o intercambiarlas por otras tarjetas mejores. 255 palabras más


Heave Ho welcomes all manner of players with open arms

Say what you will about multiplayer-focused games, but you have to admit that playing with friends is always fun. Heave Ho’s incredibly simple premise and easy to pick up gameplay make it one of the best games of that kind I’ve played in years. 740 palabras más


My Friend Pedro

Developer: DeadToast Entertainment

Platform: Switch (PC)

My Friend Pedro is a shoot ‘em up which combines parkour, shooting and… some groovy tunes? DeadToast Entertainment’s game will give you sense that you’ve plugged in your earbuds and you’re on your way. 333 palabras más


Devolver brought ‘The Thing’ like horror to E3 with Carrion

I probably have never really touched upon my love for John Carpenter’s The Thing in an Entertainium article before. It’s one of my favorite horror movies ever, and I could easily make a case as to why it’s still looks incredible. 590 palabras más


Gungeon Grips: Enter the Money Store

I’m a big fan of pixel based top down shooters. I have a great love for pixel based games and I think it transfers over from the broke boy laptop days when more graphically demanding games simply weren’t an option. 463 palabras más

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