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Humanities Washington honors the Karshner Center

We are so excited to announce that the Puyallup School District and Karshner Museum and Center for Culture & Arts is a recipient of the Humanities Washington Opportunity Grant. 171 palabras más

Day of the People (Día de la Raza)

My grandmother was a retired 1st grade schoolteacher who lived in a large cement house with my uncle (my mother’s brother) in the barrio of Los Pinos in Havana. 558 palabras más

Oscar Giner

El Dia de la Raza, Columbus Day, its Complicated

Oct. 12, 2014 (San Diego) Columbus Day stated in the United States as a way for Italian Americans to celebrate one of their own. It was about discovery (since a hot potato among historians), but it was also about national pride. 678 palabras más

Columbus Day

El Dia de la Raza, Columbus Day, es Complicado

Oct. 12, 2014 (San Diego) El día de Colon empezó en los Estados Unidos como un día de orgullo para los Americano-Italianos. Es un día para celebrar uno de los suyos. 746 palabras más


Happy Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity!

It’s a mouthful, but that’s what Columbus Day has been called in Argentina since 2010.  Columbus is somewhat of a controversial figure here.  To Argentinians of Italian descent (i.e. 104 palabras más

October 12th: ¿Día de la Raza o Columbus Day?

Today, in the United States and across Central and South America, people will be celebrating the anniversary of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas on this day in 1492. 596 palabras más


Is ‘Dia de la Raza’ giving Columbus Day the boot?

Christopher Columbus is taking a beating among many Hispanics in the U.S., just as the so-called discoverer of America has long been losing standing in Latino nations throughout the western hemisphere. 679 palabras más

Hispanic Heritage Month