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The Mexican Approach to Death & Demise

This piece was inspired primarily by us having spent Dia de Muertos in the Quinta Roo region, where it’s actually known as  Hanal Pixan in Mayan. 165 palabras más


Dia de Muertos: A Liet Wan Special

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She was panting heavily, trying to get away but Darkness would not let her be. Hands snatched at her, tearing her lovely gown to pieces, hands grabbing her, grabbing at her coat, ripping it to pieces. 311 palabras más

Live Life Your Way

SMA....again! :D

Well well well…recently I went again in that magic place called San Miguel de Allende.This time I was bringing with me a certain amount of illustrations(toghether with my beloved one, an illustrator as well) and presenting them during “calaca festival”.I must say I remained enormously surprised to see the acceptance of the place and the people! 60 palabras más

Pan de Muerto

A little bit late but still! One of the things I enjoy most about this time of the year is the Pan de Muertos. I started making it three years ago when I bought one of my favorite cookbooks of all times: … 1.067 palabras más

Sombra aquí y sombra allá.

Recuerdo estar escondido en el baño, trepado en el lavabo frente al espejo con  los cosméticos de mi madre en las manos.  Comencé a ponerme sombra morada en un  párpado, elegí el labial más rojo que encontré y tracé una línea desde la comisura de mis labios hasta el cuello. 916 palabras más


Dia de Los Muertos in Santa Cruz

Somewhere along the line, in the course of my three decades of visiting Mexico, I became obsessed with fanciful skull and skeleton folk art. I quickly learned that the characters with which I was so enamored had emerged from celebrations of El Día de Los Muertos, The Day of the Dead. 1.067 palabras más