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Día de Muertos "Ofrendas y Catrinas"

Las costumbres mexicanas son nuestras raíces y el Bachillerato Internacional UNINTER para festejar el día de muertos llevo a cabo un concurso de ofrendas.

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La Calavera Catrina (1)

La Calavera Catrina (Dapper Skeleton) – unique paintings of Mother Death! She has become an icon of the Mexican Día de muertos, or Day of the Dead.

Państwa, Country

It sure looks like Dia de Muertos, but it's actually a Mexican themed New Year's Eve party...

Over the last hour, she’d taken great care to alternate between inside the house and the garden, always in direct opposition to his location. And…

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Día de muertos

Una de las tradiciones más bonitas de mi país y mi favorita personal es: el día de muertos.

Si hay algo que a mi me gusta muchísimo es ver a la gente disfrutando. 869 palabras más


Oaxaca at the beginning of November.

Here in Mexico the Day of the Dead celebration is one of the most important throughout the year in all the country. At the city of Oaxaca and its surroundings the “Comparsas” and “Muerteadas”, a sort of parades with people dancing and playing music are full of action, enjoyment and peculiar characters where Catrinas stand out celebrate the duality between life and death, and where homage is paid to the ones that have preceded us in the journey to the other side. 516 palabras más


Dia de Muertos in Mexico City

Well, I guess I couldn’t come to Mexico for Dia de Muertos (Day of the Dead) and not write about it. So, I am taking a break from my habitual laziness and getting down to some blogging. 727 palabras más


Day of the Dead. Part two.

Previously on Equinoxio: the Captain and crew are in therapy after the shock of watching the world’s worst haircut after Boris “Judas” Johnson win the election of the modern Empire. 199 palabras más