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Review: Funny Bones by Duncan Tonatiuh

Funny Bones: Posada and His Day of the Dead Calaveras by Duncan Tonatiuh (InfoSoup)

Award-winning author and illustrator, Tonatiuh brilliantly tells the story of Jose Guadalupe Posada. 330 palabras más

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Trucos para compartir buenas fotos del Dia de Muertos

¿Truco o trato? No hace falta que elijas, en Phototips cumplimos el trato a base de trucos. Ahora vamos a enseñarte unos trucos de fotografía para inspirar y mejorar tus fotos del Día de muertos. 179 palabras más

Tamales de Calabaza de Sra. Inés ~ Inés' Pumpkin Tamales

My mom and I always joke around that when a recipe doesn’t work out, it must be a “Mother-in-law Recipe.” What is a mother-in-law recipe? It is a recipe that has been changed ever so slightly so that it won’t come out just right. 1.741 palabras más


Five fun facts about: the skull

1.  Most animals that have a spinal column also have a skull.

2.  A human baby’s skull is made up of 44 separate parts, many of which join together as the baby develops. 93 palabras más


Festival de dia de los Muertos


 Día de los Muertos Festival 

 Easter Seals Central Texas announced their 3rd Annual Día de los Muertos Festival which will be held on October 17, 481 palabras más


How-To: Awesome Sugar Skull Earrings in Five Minutes--for Under $5!


These might just become my new favorite earrings, and they only took a few minutes to make!

I was going to paint them, but I left them plain as I thought they were too pretty to mess with. 416 palabras más


Out of the city

Just once in a while an Artist needs to leave the city and go see what others are doing. One of my favorite places to visit is over at the… 539 palabras más