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(spoiler free)

Not since 2015’s ‘Inside Out’ have Pixar Studios been at the top of their game. After the success of this original film they’ve released three more animations, including two sequels, which simply haven’t measured up to the magic of their early creations. 556 palabras más


Mexican Catrinas (1st)

  • I have a few photos of Catrinas and I want to share them with you.

This is the first post of some because I want to give a special place to each photo. 29 palabras más

Fine Art


I live in Mexico, and here we have a huge tradition on November 1st and 2nd called “Dia de muertos” (Dead’s day), and in recent years we have rescued the tradition of the Catrina. 119 palabras más

Fine Art

Coco: sus muertos y sus lágrimas

Me encontré en una extraña circunstancia mientras veía que a mi alrededor, en esa sala de cine elegante en la isla de Margarita, del Centro Comercial Parque Costa Azul, todo el mundo intentaba contener las lágrimas. 1.842 palabras más


"COCO" Review (✫✫✫)

Featuring her brave great-grandson, Miguel.

At around this same time last year, I remember a story circulating online about a daughter taking her father to see… 1.090 palabras más


Reaching for Immortality

Movies and shows made for children always seem to include sub-themes that resonate with adults. Maybe it’s just marketing so that parents will take their children to the theater (only $7,800 for a family of six!), but I can remember it in television shows, as well. 1.414 palabras más


Coco (2017) - Hãy Nhớ Đến Tôi

Chắc hẳn kể từ Inside Out (2015), Pixar đã làm phật lòng không ít khán giả với 3 bộ phim đáng thất vọng liên tiếp nhau là The… 2.351 palabras más