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Three Kings Day is Just Christmas Part 2

If you didn’t know, today is “Three Kings Day.” What is this holiday you may or may not have heard of before? Well, it is basically “Christmas Part 2” in Spain and Latin America. 220 palabras más

Happy 3 Kings Day! ¡Felíz Día de Reyes! ☄🐫🐫🐫

In case you didn’t know, many Hispanic countries celebrate today Dia de Reyes, of 3 Kings’ Day (Day of Epiphany). Basically today we celebrate when the wise men arrived to worship the newborn King Jesus. 124 palabras más

Wise Men and Child

“Wise Men and Child” by Elsa Pla (©2017 Elsa Pla All Rights Reserved) Medium: mixed media (art pens and markers and colored pencils).

In celebration of the Epiphany or Three Kings Day (Día de Reyes): 84 palabras más


Talking about traditions and the Rosca de Reyes ... Hablando de tradiciones y la Rosca de Reyes ...

Versión en español seguida versión en inglés.

It is that time of the year and that day prior to Epiphany that marks the end of the holiday season when children send up into the sky balloons for the Three Wisemen looking forward to the following morning when they will receive toys and candies, a Spanish traditon that has been adopted in many Latin countries. 761 palabras más

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Perter Pan. Sorteo de la unidad y empleo

Parte del acto IV, de el sorteo de la unidad y el empleo.

Víspera de noche de luna tenebrosamente llena en Vall d´Uixó. Asoma con su vestido de pirita como un globo que asciende lentamente por las pequeñas puntas resquebrajadas. 1.904 palabras más


My family Christmas Traditions

Winter darkness and bleakness is my least wonderful time of the year. So, thank God for the holidays. My family is big on Thankgiving and Christmas (ok, whose family isn’t) and Epiphany. 579 palabras más