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10,000 Follower Giveaway

Our Instagram profile is getting close to hitting 10,000 followers. When we hit 10,000 we’ll be giving away a $50 credit to the Die Hard Dice online store. 47 palabras más


Sneak Peek!

Have some unpolished and unpainted sets that will be released soon? Give them a little tease with a video and a reminder to follow the Facebook and Instagram pages to see when they’re released. 77 palabras más


GenCon 2019

Here is where photos from GenCon would go. Things like pictures and videos of the custom dice Jessie handpainted that were made and given to the Critical Role cast. 48 palabras más


Luck Mitigation in Board Games

Luck can often play a large part in board games. From the very first games, using dice and pawns, to now more complex games with decks, luck mitigation has always been an important part of the board game culture. 2.024 palabras más

Board Games

3 years

Three years since I filled out the character sheets, handpicked the art, and built the minifigs that would eventually go on to represent the original Tsethem. 429 palabras más


Roll A New Character: Allyse

Die Hard Dice – Celestial Relic RPG Set $54.95

Paladin, Level 2, Lawful Good. Female, Mark of Storm Half-Elf
STR +3 (16)
DEX +2 (14) 1.026 palabras más