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Pick Up Your Camera...Part One

Go to your front room.

Load the camera with a new memory card and format it. Set it to take a Programmed or Automatic picture. Put up the flash and check that it takes a well-focused, clear picture in colour wherever you point it. 381 palabras más


Will Influencer Marketing Last?

The market of influencer marketing is projected to reach $10 billion by 2020, as 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations for purchases. Social media influencers are the new celebrities that the younger generations look up to. 246 palabras más

Digital Marketing

TEST 6 - Paris

A Customized Digital Travel Notebook Supported by a Meaningful Travelers Group

Which Concept?

  • Create
  • Be Inspired
  • Connect

What Key Highlights?

  • Create
  • Be Inspired
  • Connect

Why Different

New Digital tool


Today's Art (19th May 2019)

Well, today’s digitally-edited painting is based on this photo I took of a really spectacular-looking restaurant (called Kams Palace) in Park Gate last June. 23 palabras más


Shooting Square Photographs - Avoiding The Obvious

In a recent post we talked about square photographs, and I mentioned I’d be exploring them more in the coming days and weeks.

Which I have been. 334 palabras más


Drawing in Semi Realistic style

I always draw my illustrations in realistic style,  few days ago I tried out semi realistic. It was hard at the beginning, especially drawing big eyes but after couple of times I found my rhythm. 10 palabras más