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[Comercial 2] Discovery Kids - Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree - Mexico ✔

Discovery Kids – Equestria Girls Legend of Everfree – Mexico

Equestria girls friendship games Español …
Gran Maratón Discovery kids – México | PonyLatino … 71 palabras más

After School Science Programs for Kids

There is tons of fun to be had with Discovery Kid’s after-school science programs. Children will certainly enjoy different science experiments and different themes each month! 103 palabras más

Recreation Center Programs

Summer Robotics Camps

Encourage and enhance your children’s curiosity about science, math and technology by registering them for a Robo-riffic Robotics Camp! 286 palabras más

Recreation Center Programs

First Impressions: Tutenstein (The Awakening)

Been watching a lot of creepy children’s cartoons lately, haven’t I? Well, here’s another one. When it comes to movie monsters, mummy’s are a bit under-serviced nowadays. 554 palabras más


My Little Pony: FiM S6:E7 "Newbie Dash"

Altius Volantis – Soaring Higher; Motto of the Wonderbolts

Rainbow Dash has been a beloved character from the beginning of the show with her ‘too cool for school’ attitude and awesome athletic skills, but this episode will prove that maybe that alone doesn’t always cut it as Rainbow Dash learns a very important lesson about being part of a team and what that really means.

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My Little Pony: FiM Season 6 Episode 6

We can all agree that making friends sometimes isn’t easy, especially when you are in a new place and maybe have reputation for not being the nicest pony. 510 palabras más

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