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A Dislexia: O Seu Enquadramento Legal, Aqui e Aí

O sucesso educativo passa pela desvinculação de modelos tradicionalistas, que pouco preconizam o pensamento crítico dos alunos e alunas em Portugal. Perante a calamidade ao redor de um modelo ideal, a figura do professor e educador torna-se imperativa em todo o percurso de aprendizagem dos alunos e alunas do nosso País.

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Aplauso a las peluqueras dislexicas

Un aplauso, para aquellas peluqueras disléxicas.

Hoy dicen…. que me lo arreglan, después del desastre con el que me quede ayer…

Pd: Les voy a teñir el coño de colores que no se han inventado.


Are We All Disabled? Are We All Lazy?

A stutter is officially a “disability“. You can call it a speech impediment, but it’s all part of the tree of disabilities. I do not like to think of myself as disabled and I advice that anyone who might sometimes be considered “ 985 palabras más


The Wild Book

Bibliographic Information                                                                                                               The Wild Book by Margarita Engle                                                                                                                Published: 2012, Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt                                                                    Paperback, 133 pages, ISBN 13: 978-0-544-02275-1

Genre Historical fiction, Novels in Verse                                                                                             Recommended for grades 4-8                                                                                                               ATOS Book Level 5.8… 127 palabras más

Ages 10-14

The Wrong Perspective: An Analysis of the Conversation I Overheard between Two Dads about Eating Disorders

A couple of weeks ago, I was eavesdropping on two parents at my brother’s high school track meet. My brother goes to the same high school I attended, and while I get the majority of information about how my old school, let’s call it “ABC High”, was doing from my brother, I was curious about this conversation in particular because these dads were talking about their daughters. 823 palabras más


My Hero

This is my fourth attempt. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really have a good outline. But I know I don’t really believe that. Outlines have never been much use to me. 1.599 palabras más

Personal Philosophy


Muchos, famosos considerados genios han sido disléxicos. Entre ellos encontramos científicos como Albert Einstein o Thomas Edison, artistas como Leonardo Da Vinci o Walt Disney.  1.009 palabras más