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The Wrong Perspective: An Analysis of the Conversation I Overheard between Two Dads about Eating Disorders

A couple of weeks ago, I was eavesdropping on two parents at my brother’s high school track meet. My brother goes to the same high school I attended, and while I get the majority of information about how my old school, let’s call it “ABC High”, was doing from my brother, I was curious about this conversation in particular because these dads were talking about their daughters. 823 palabras más


My Hero

This is my fourth attempt. Maybe it’s because I didn’t really have a good outline. But I know I don’t really believe that. Outlines have never been much use to me. 1.599 palabras más

Personal Philosophy


Muchos, famosos considerados genios han sido disléxicos. Entre ellos encontramos científicos como Albert Einstein o Thomas Edison, artistas como Leonardo Da Vinci o Walt Disney.  1.009 palabras más


Dislexic blogger

I forgot to add on my initial post, please be aware  that Terry (that’s me) The writer of this blog is dyslexic and although Word press, Office, and Google between them do a reasonable job of correcting me you will no doubt see the odd spelling  mistake, random capitals, or general bad grammar I apologies in advance and hope it this doesn’t deter you from coming again.

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My first post about my experience with dyslexia

I’m in the hard way to learn English, I began to study English since I was a girl, but for a twist of fate, I’m 30 and my English is very bad. 153 palabras más


Un Pequeño Análisis Sobre La Dislexia

La falta de comunicación entre los diferentes cerebro son responsables del procesamiento del lenguaje que es la causa de la dislexia.

La dislexia se puede manifestar de diferentes formas You diagnóstico a través de pruebas concretas que se… 564 palabras más


Equívocos Típicos Sobre La Dislexia

Para saber todo cuanto es útil en la edición de la Guía de información Dislexia.

La dislexia es una complejidad que afecta a la capacidad de leer y redactar de forma correcta y con fluidez. 541 palabras más