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The First Day at New Belly Fine Indian Cuisine Restaurant New York.

It was just before 5am this morning when Mrs Elizabeth James proud owner and head chef unlocked the door and let herself and Joe the waiter into the restaurant closing the front door and set about lighting the stoves and fryer. 9 palabras más



La Huella que dejan nuestros zapatos al recorrer las calles y la huella que dejan esas calles y esas ciudades en nosotros. Construimos nuestra propia ciudad con pedazos de cada una. 11 palabras más

Art Works

Remembrances Scotland 1743

A story of the Scottish rising of 1745.

“The story I am about to tell you my dear is of great importance for if there is one thing I have learned over many years is that one needs to remember so that one will be able to pass on to the young certain truths about the rising in the year 1745 which have truly never been told in full. 2.619 palabras más



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Ever wonder what it’s like to have dyslexia? I found a website that gives you a small clue on what people must face with this condition. 59 palabras más


Remembering Culloden Moor 1746

This night 270 years ago the sound of Weeping could be heard carried on the wind across the Moor.

It was the sound of Scottish wives  and mothers looking for the bodies of their husband’s and son’s for on this day 270 years ago the hope of a Stuart Jacobite  king sitting on the throne of the Three kingdoms was forever lost. 538 palabras más


Decry the Decaying Country (from The Beautiful coastal city of Port Elizabeth.

The writer who wrote Cry the Beloved Country, I am almost certain would really be surprised at some of the things we see in South Africa today. 287 palabras más


The great falling away part 3- What caused the church to go off the rails.

Long away and far ago a certain sunworshiping Roman emperor need to win a great battle.
He claimed that he had a vision of a cross the night before the battle he instructed his men to paint crosses on their shields. 471 palabras más