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DLD's Adventures: .5

Send off a query. Stop. Look at manuscript. Frown. Make minor edits.

Pull up synopsis written a few months ago. Wonder what the heck I was thinking. 32 palabras más

Load 'er up.

The 5th draft of Dark Lord’s Daughters is done.

The base query letter is written.

A list of potential agents has been made.

Nothing to it now but to send it off and collapse in a heap! 8 palabras más

PUNoy Humor

I love doing punny food because it reminds me of home. I hear it all the time when people see punny food, ‘it’s such Pinoy humor.’ Newsfeeds can become toxic, and I just wanted to make people laugh for a moment, and remind us of what binds us together as Pinoys: humor, music and food. 193 palabras más



The first prints will be featured in an exhibit in Berlin.

02 July 2016, 5pm

An Der Spitze 9, 13591, Berlin Germany
Summerfest (art, music and food) 70 palabras más


Lily & Ellie

The adventures of Lily and Ellie

Lily is the child in all of us, who is passionately curious and is full of wonder. She goes on adventures with the magical elephant Ellie, in their journey through different landscapes, with beautiful reminders on how to walk on Earth. 502 palabras más