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Devil May Cry, All Hype All The Time [Review]

I wasn’t expecting to have a review out this fast after yesterday’s but I honestly wasn’t expecting to have finished anything this soon either. So after all the existentialism and thought-provoking ideas spurred on by Beyond Good and Evil I thought I needed something a bit more blunt, something in a genre, something where I can just beat up a ton of guys. 1.191 palabras más


Materials for the Kickstarter Project

This Spring we launched a successful Kickstarter project (thanks again, everyone!) and are now in the process of creating the pieces. I’ve been brainstorming about each element all year and I’m thrilled to start stitching soon. 59 palabras más


Quick and Bold Birthday Card

We needed a birthday card lickety split last week! For one of our neighbors. I always think his birthday is at the end of August, but, ALAS, it is at the beginning of August. 38 palabras más


New York, 1998 : Headhunter

There was a pretty dark period in my life, thousands of miles away from my mother as she was dying.

I worked as a headhunter in Manhattan. 1.199 palabras más

Summer of Love & Shonda Rhimes

I am pleased to announced that My Summer of Love Stitch-At-Home Challenge piece IS DONE!!

I first mentioned that I was participating in the challenge for the San Francisco School of Needlework and Design about 2 months ago ( 601 palabras más


The Importance of Destination Management Company in Tourism Industry

A DMC- Destination Management Company offer logistic services in their destination ranging from meet and greet options, transfers, hotel accommodation, themed events, conference venues, multiple dining options etc with their extensive local destination knowledge. 344 palabras más


All the Vert Finals Highlights from X Games Here

The keystone event of X Games (after all, X Games began way back in the day with a halfpipe contest) is without doubt vert – and it threw up some surprises. 34 palabras más

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