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Big Pills

They’re making pills bigger and bigger, so I believe. I went to a doctor and they give me a lot of things to ingest, so hopefully I’ll be better soon. 23 palabras más


The Doctor

Well, here’s another example of the kind of men I get to meet through online dating. The doctor was young, handsome, ambitious, owned his own home (with a pool!), and generally had his shit together. 3.447 palabras más


Searching for Minimal Invasive EGD in Arlington

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, also abbreviated as EGD, is a medical procedure that is conducted to check and treat the complications diagnosed in the upper digestive system. The doctors make use of endoscope that is especially designed to serve the purpose. 387 palabras más


Do you have to take care of patients to be a doctor?

One day in anatomy lab, somewhere between sawing through ribs and intercostal muscles, my group started talking about what kind of doctors we wanted to be. 543 palabras más


Meth in Toaster Among Many Drug Parcels Sent to Hawaii by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS


Federal agents last month intercepted a package mailed to Hawaii from Southern California containing a toaster oven. Hidden inside the four-slice toaster, there appeared to be 6 pounds of crystal meth. 12 palabras más

Evan J. Zimmer MD

Ask a Doctor: Skin cancer, diverticulitis, skin removal surgery, and more

Every Thursday, Dr. Kalani Brady from the John A. Burns School of Medicine answers your viewer questions. He appears at about 6:50 and 7:20. Today, he talked with Diane Ako and Ron Mizutani about skin cancer, diverticulitis, skin removal surgery, and more.

Wake Up 2day Stories


Sidenote: Regarding the photo in my previous post where I was chillin’ in my sun hat and sports bra… for the cabin life, it’s totally considered normal. 678 palabras más