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Doctor: " First Do No Harm..."

Looking for inspiration for a blog post, I came across this article (EWN, 2016) and was deeply disturbed. The article is about a medical doctor who had raped one of his patients during a consultation. 689 palabras más

Human Rights

Prince Albert doctor suspended over advances on patient

PRINCE ALBERT — A northern Saskatchewan doctor has been suspended for one month for hugging and trying to kiss a patient.

The province’s College of Physicians and Surgeons found Yagan Pillay guilty earlier this month of inappropriate conduct. 290 palabras más

Local News

You walk out of the court heaving a sigh of relief. It was done, over and nothing could undo that fact. It still upsets you that he was not able to do that one thing you asked of him. 1.123 palabras más


Leave Me Alone-5

Previously on Leave Me Alone:

Ajay and Sasha go Sasha’s house to celebrate her birthday. Ajay sees a portrait of a woman on red saree. A woman similar to that on the portrait attacks him and he runs to the police station. 1.957 palabras más


Care-givers and Care-takers

Joe always brought Dottie to her visits. He was a doting husband that led her by the arm and placed her safely in the chair in the corner of the room while he sat close by on the exam table.   567 palabras más


Lily's 4 Year Check Up

Liliana had her 4th birthday on Tuesday, September 27. Can you believe how fast time went by? She’s 4… it’s been 4 years since my entire life was… 131 palabras más