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On the ministry side of things I’ve been keeping an eye on and helping coordinate the medical clinic this year (on top off too many other things!). 164 palabras más

Life In Guatemala


When there’s something troubling us about our health, we go and see a doctor. When we have problems is our life, who do we ask for help? 83 palabras más


How would you improve the services of healthcare by pursuing a career in medicine?

When I was young and the idea of becoming a “doctor” dawned upon me, one of my foremost intentions was to be a doctor who is perceived to be as “a family member” by every patient he treats. 456 palabras más

Are You a #Nurse or #Doctor Looking to Earn Extra #Income? Check Out 7 Best #SideHustles for Nurses and Doctors.

So, you want to earn extra income, but don’t know where to start?  A side hustle is a prominent way to earn extra income in addition to your day job. 347 palabras más


10 Tips For Dealing With Doctors

By Krystina

Navigating medical care when you are unwell can be daunting and difficult. In most cases, you will have waited for so long for an appointment, that the anxiety and prospect of finally getting help can be overwhelming. 1.120 palabras más


De Hulpvraag

Gepubliceerd op Wijblijvenhier!, November 9, 2017

Na veel aarzelen besluit ik naar de huisarts te gaan. De studentenpsycholoog heeft het opgegeven en begrijpt maar niet wat de oorzaak van mijn faalangst en paniekaanvallen is. 540 palabras más