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Dream (Part 4)

I step out of the exam hall and sigh in relief. That wasn’t so bad, I thought. I walk to sit by one of the benches, ignoring my friends who are busy discussing the paper we just had. 468 palabras más


A turbulent drive

Race with a Life

Continuation of the previous blog post The unusual suspect…..

The ambulance kicked-off with a thundering siren. We were transferring a patient with a life-threatening heart condition to a bigger hospital in the hope of saving his life.  1.012 palabras más


My Toastmasters Speeches: The Icebreaker

My journey since joining my local Toastmasters club has been thrilling, challenging and rewarding. You learn by doing, crafting a series of 10 speeches and delivering them to your fellow club members. 569 palabras más


In Session

Written for:  Quickly #20
Write using multiple voices – Write a dialogue or a mob scene—
depends on how long you want to keep it up. 122 palabras más

Purple's Home

Cold Hearts and Hot Heads: New Doctor Who Rewatch, Series Three, Part Three

We’re back, with our New Doctor Who rewatch! This week we continue Series Three, looking at two episodes: The Lazarus Experiment and 42. Let’s get started! 2.867 palabras más

When Breath Becomes Air

Forgetting this memoir is simply not possible. I read ‘When Breath Becomes Air’ a few months ago, and recently picked it up again. There are a few books that pull me in  602 palabras más