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Barney is PURPLE and so is my foot.

One definition of irony is: “Incongruity between what might be expected and what actually occurs.” Well, I think it was ironic that I went to my doctor (dermatologist) two days ago with a perfectly good left foot and toe, but departed with a foot and toe that feel BROKEN! 378 palabras más


Introducing Dr. Andrew Rupp

Where do I even begin? What direction do I want to take this? Our entire married life has been during this journey of schooling, stationed in Marietta, GA and that all changed today. 1.191 palabras más

My Endometriosis Story

I would like to share this story with the world in hopes of finding someone with answers or some support. About 3 years ago I started experiencing some pelvic pain in my uterus and naval area. 563 palabras más

Pap Schmap

The dreaded pap smear was not NEARLY as bad as I’d been anticipating. I had the most absolutely wonderful, kind, compassionate doctor imaginable, which helped immensely. 259 palabras más

Superhero in white 

Do you know how you feel when you encounter a celebrity. Even the ones you don’t really love that much. You gawk at them in awe from afar,your eyes getting bigger and bigger wondering whether to approach them or admire them from afar.You think about what their lives are actually like ,beyond what you can see.As if they are from another planet and live a life unknown to you. 619 palabras más

Ways For Searching For A New General Doctor In Montebello

Normally one does not need to search for a general doctor in Montebello, since we all prefer to keep using the services of the old family physicians Montebello who have been serving our family for years. 502 palabras más

Family Doctors Near Me

Words of Wisdom

Keeping healthy and ahead of possible health problems is important at any age, but the way to do these things changes over time. In your 50s, providers squish and reach in certain areas less often than in the past and turn their attention to deeper, darker territory never seen before in most of us. 872 palabras más