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What's Right?

Dear people who refuse to call me Doctor for reasons I don’t understand,

I earned a Ph.D.; therefore, my rightful title is Doctor.

This isn’t a title I just bandy about because I don’t like people calling me Ms.   213 palabras más


quiet girl

that if women are doctors they must be gossips

fat loud mouths that wag and drag

no nice girls from good families


be pushy! interrupt! 131 palabras más


Doctor De Juan Gabriel Habla De Sus Tratamientos Y Su Condición Medica

El Diario Basta! Publico una entrevista con el supuesto medico de Juan Gabriel, Daniel Aquino, donde habla sobre los tratamientos médicos que le da a JuanGa y su condición médica. 205 palabras más


Don't Sweat The Small Stuff

Hi everyone! Over the course of the past couple days I have been having anxiety about my doctor’s appointment, which I had this afternoon. I was nervous about seeing a doctor that I’ve never seen before, along with having to get two shots. 389 palabras más


yesterdays appointment with dr. barry

i had a good appointment yesterday with dr. barry. i told her the police had called and that they were going to visit me on sunday afternoon. 547 palabras más


Freedom to Choose: Make Informed Health Decisions, Part 2 - Access

What would life be like if we could schedule our sick days ahead of time? Monday morning traffic would probably be a lot lighter, that’s for sure. 640 palabras más


The abzorbaloff is a vile green alien from Clom, the twin planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius. The creature can absorb people into his body simply be touching them – feasting on their life force and experiences in the process. 112 palabras más