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Have a Hug. You're Worth It.

It feels like Monday. It’s been a long week. Already. Last week I hurt my upper extremity, from the tips of my fingers to my neck. 1.049 palabras más


Dr. Rutherford shut the door in frustration after being teased by the kids who lived adjacent to his house. He never liked being disturbed by anyone and because of their behaviour he had developed a sense of hatred for the young children who always used to pull different pranks on him. 336 palabras más


'Tis the Season

There was a time I believed that the longer I was practicing medicine the easier the dying would get. Practice or callous formation, call it what you will. 89 palabras más


Hindsight (or Advice to Myself in the Past)

By Lauren Wood, MD

Hindsight is 20/20, right?  As the end of residency nears, and I think back on the last 2 ½ years, it has both flown by and been slow as molasses.  951 palabras más

Herpes got me in hospital after doing THIS

Warning: If you have herpes and you’ve been through this. it gets worse!

I was dumped by every single partner when they found out I have herpes. 114 palabras más

Sell Me Something

Little Changes You Can Make Today To Guarantee A Healthier Future

We all have little things that we would like to change about ourselves. Health concerns that we really need to get diagnosed or concerns about our future health. 532 palabras más


Knee surgery 

So I had knee surgery on feb 3 for a torn meniscus. When he got in there, he discovered a tear within a tear within a tear! 72 palabras más