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A Doctor and the Architect!!!

“A doctor can bury his mistakes,
but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

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Silver Lining?

Today was honestly a rather normal good day. Yes, I did wake up at two in the morning to go to work but It was worth it since I worked with some people I enjoy working with. 572 palabras más


My Life of Crime: Medical Fraud

I have a friend who is about to have a baby. It’s her first baby, so understandably she’s very concerned and wants to take every precaution. 1.046 palabras más

Day In The Life

If I Was a Doctor

If I was a doctor, I would have little to say.
I would get up in the morning, and go to bed end day.
I would stare at my patients, solemn and grey. 214 palabras más

Migraines & Medical Treatment

So I have the unfortunate luck of being a sufferer of chronic, frequent, debilitating migraines. And even worse is that they’re totally genetic. Both my parents, one uncle, several aunts, and I don’t even know how many cousins all have them. 415 palabras más

Mental Health

Being A Stubborn Sick Person

Those who know me personally will know that I am stubborn as a mule. We’ve already established in previous posts that I hate asking for help (and am still yet to do my help challenge six months on). 915 palabras más


On Exercise: Briefly

As a child, I was super inactive. It’s mostly because my mom would sign me up for some kind of activity, and when I wasn’t immediately it’s master, and it my bitch, I would quit. 804 palabras más