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The Fast and the Furious Series

Who doesn’t love a good action flick now and again? It started out as a police drama film turned into one of the most action packed series we’ve seen in a long while, with household names in most of the roles. 624 palabras más


Dom Was There

It all started when Rob told the boyz “Im only talkin’ like Dominic Toretto from the Fast and the Furious from now on.” That’s when we realized Dom has been there for a lot of moments in history… 284 palabras más

Film Opening: Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 (Justin Lin, 2013) opens in, what I believe, to be a very effective way. The opening showcases various events and clips from the previous films, in a montage with music that was composed for the film and later released parallel to the film being shown in cinemas. 320 palabras más

Film Opening

Handsome stylish Jacket like Dominic Toretto!

Fond of cars and street racing? if yes than you must have watched Fast and the Furious and you must be familiar with name Dominic Toretto.In simple words he is legend and hero of this film.Fast and the furious 6 is all about street modified car racing and robbery of a car racing crew of which Dominic Toretto is the leader.He has been indulged in robbery activities since years and black listed in police department.Paul walker is also a partner of him during all parts of this movie.The special thing in Sixth part is that the whole crew gathers in Brazil and robbed a smuggler’s locker in front of the whole city with fast cars.Dominic Toretto has no doubt a dominating way of acting and he has totally elegant attractive style with handsome balled look. 90 palabras más


Camera’s Roll on Fast and Furious 7

Although hindered by tragedy, the power of movies rolls on, and director James Wan has released the first picture from the set of Fast and Furious 7, and filming is set to start again. 233 palabras más