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San Sebastián

12/08/18 to 14/08/18

A cool two and a half months have passed since I last wrote (on this blog, I did manage to scrawl some entries in my physical journal), my exchange semester has ended, and many things (and people) have been left behind. 1.895 palabras más


When did all begin?

Less than 3 minutes-reading

I remember myself running barefoot from one point to another in the garden of the village. We used to do races with my brothers just to discover who could be able to run over the tiny sharp stones as long as possible.

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Donostia. From Beaches to Bars

Whole day was spent in gorgeous La Concha Beach. Showing some skin here. Just to prove to some friends who’ve been complaning that my fb & ig feeds always showed me in the same outfit. 27 palabras más


Robert Pattinson who?

We got into San Sebastian while its 66th edition of San Sebastian International Film Festival was in full swing. Passing by a posh hotel and noticed a crowd that seemed patiently waiting to catch a glimpse of a star, may be. 38 palabras más


Sunday Run Day: San Sebastián Half Marathon

Having already run one half marathon in 2018 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, I’d told myself that it would probably take something special to make me run another. 845 palabras más


Morcilla + Apple Pintxo

Beti-Jai Berria, San Sebastian/Donostia, Spain

I would never want to have to choose a favorite type of pintxo in Basque regions of Spain, but morcilla pintxos are certainly up there on the list.  92 palabras más

Blood Sausage