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Basque-ing in all its Glory: San Sebastian

San Sebastian or Donostia sits on the Bay of Biscay, part of the Basque Region of Spain. Well famous for its golden sand beaches that stretch from end to end and dubbed as Spain’s culinary capital having the most Michelin starred restaurants in the world. 340 palabras más


Weird and Wonderful Bites of San Sebastián

San Sebastián (or Donostia) is located in the Bay of Biscay on the northern coast of Spain, about 20 km from the border with France. It’s one of the major cities of Basque Country, an autonomous community similar to Catalunya in the sense that it has its own language and distinct cultural heritage that’s different from the rest of the country. 2.801 palabras más



The sea breeze make me believe
That maybe mermaids do exist.

I have seen them
Clinging to the rocks
As the waves rage.

I have watched them… 37 palabras más


A Whale of a Basque Tale. Soaking up the ancient Basque cider house tradition

A Souvenir from the Past

In the small Basque fishing village of Pasaia, roughly 5 kilometers from San Sebastián, lies the wooden shell of the San Juan whaling ship. 914 palabras más

Long-Tailed Tit

You call long-tailed tits ‘cuadrilla birds’. A cuadrilla is a particularly Basque phenomenon, but it basically means a close circle of friends. The long-tailed tits are never alone, half a dozen tiny balls of fluff with long tails, like black, white and pink Chupa Chups undulating from one magnolia tree to the next on Reyes Católicos and trying an insect pintxo in each one – los bares de toda la vida, like the bars in the street below. 36 palabras más

Camino de Santiago pe bicicletă (1): Începutul. Ce caut eu aici?

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” Woody Allen

Camino de Santiago se afla de mai multă vreme printre planurile mele de viitor. 1.948 palabras más

Brambura Pe Drumurile Vieții