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Morcilla + Apple Pintxo

Beti-Jai Berria, San Sebastian/Donostia, Spain

I would never want to have to choose a favorite type of pintxo in Basque regions of Spain, but morcilla pintxos are certainly up there on the list.  93 palabras más

Blood Sausage

The Pintxos of San Sebastián

I lived in San Sebastián for a few months and I felt immediately connected to it. Well, with these friendly and open people, and in this city that has so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to elegant architecture, quality restaurants and affordable bars with hearty food, great ambience and night life, it’s hard to feel otherwise. 987 palabras más



We were dead tired after dinner the previous night, so we slept late and had a slow morning.

We’re creatures of habit I guess, so we went back to… 1.071 palabras más


land of the Basque...

It’s not a new concept that there are many ways to learn things. There have been theories around for decades about ‘multiple intelligences’, different ways each of us have of internalising information. 1.245 palabras más


Spanish Adventures

As a young girl I had always traveled, but I did not necessarily enjoy it. Of course going to my parents’ hometowns in Rio de Janeiro every year is amazing, but having to do everything your family wants to do can be exhausting. 1.611 palabras más


City Break #8 - San Sebástian, Spain

Welcome back to the latest instalment of City Breaks where I look at destinations that can be visited in a few days – perfect for those who are pressed for time. 621 palabras más


San Sebastián/Donostia in Just One Day

Upon arriving in San Sabeastián or Donostia as it is known in Basque we were immediately captivated by the grand majestic atmosphere of this upmarket city resort. 1.307 palabras más