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this is my drawing :-D ;-D :) for drawing saga.

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What a cool thing! This is very amazing...

Go to! It's an amazing site!

So Beautiful It Makes You Want To Cry

My art is often inspired by music. As I was listening to my playlist the other day I came across a song that’s so relevant to my life right now. 421 palabras más

Life Is A Work Of Art

Moving Along

You know that big goal I set for myself- to finish thumbnail sketches for Solstice? Well, it didn’t quite work out  (surprise, surprise). Normally I’d be pretty disappointed, but in this case I’m still happy because I’m making progress. 196 palabras más


Sketch for Scrambled Eggs | Schizzo per Uova strapazzate

A sketch from a couple of years ago. It’s gouache, pastel, felt and ball pens, and post-it on paper.

Marco Bigliazzi


It’s late. I should sleep. I am so awake though – I will regret this in the morning. I will SO regret this in the morning. 69 palabras más