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Drawing a Breath

The english language expression englobes a bit of mystery, worth investigation.

Inspirare, latin to blow into has given us to inspire, suggesting guidance, revelation, or illumination, or being motivated, much like the french inspirer. 272 palabras más


Pencils: Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor Pencils (review)

One of the coloured pencil brands I’d often seen discussed on art forums but had never tried was Lyra Rembrandt Polycolor pencils. For a long time I didn’t bother investing in any, since I already have full sets of a number of other brands, but when I put in my last order from an art supply retailer online, I decided I might as well just get a small set so I could see if I liked them or not. 597 palabras más


Sketchmob @ Bologna - Biblioteca Salaborsa

La prossima edizione si terrà a Bologna presso Salabrosa. Disegneremo nello spazio pubblico ricavato all’interno di Palazzo D’Accursio, sede storica del Comune di Bologna. L’appuntamento è in… 18 palabras más


"Right now I feel I could take on the whole Empire myself"

Since the year turned into 2017 I have done a lot of drawing, but most of it has been of Star Wars Lego. I love Star Wars, I love Lego. 528 palabras más