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New Art (#46)

It’s a bit of a miracle folks. I haven’t added to this series since November 7th, and I haven’t been able to make art for about 2 months. 528 palabras más


Delicate In White & Green

For many the arrival of spring can be heralded by the delicate swathes of snowdrops that begin to gently carpet the surrounding verges of roads and borders of gardens, and this is no different for myself. 195 palabras más


Characters Being Kind To Each Other

I’ve been reading several stories to explore relational dynamics in people’s fiction. Something that keeps catching me off guard is how rude characters regularly are to each other. 1.180 palabras más




Drawing & Painting

Random Sketch: Ninja Seals play on a tire swing

Ninja Seals demonstrate that something as simple as a tire swing can bring a strange amount of happiness…

Drawn by Joe Yang

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