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Draw a spaceship...

Draw a spaceship!

You’d think it would be a simple statement but the questions that follow are brilliant.

“Can I make it up?”

“Can it be for aliens instead of humans?” 135 palabras más


The teacher's house

When I was a kid, I was visiting some relatives, and we all went for a little walk after dinner and we saw this amazing house. 112 palabras más


Extremely Detailed Pen Drawings

Olivia Kemp draws landscapes by pen, and they are terrifically detailed.



Two blocks away a decrepit driveway is getting a makeover. This miniature mixer of something was across the street tethered to a dump truck which left before I could get to it. 9 palabras más


Inktober 2017 - #53 Igor Karkaroff

Igor Karkaroff is the Head Teacher of Durmstrang Institute and visits Hogwarts as part of the delegation participating in the Triwizard Tournament.  He had been a Death Eater and, as such, spent some time incarcerated in Azkaban Prison before informing on his fellow Death Eaters in return for a pardon.  26 palabras más