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Snopsis/In The Mirror

Two nightly sketches of a pile of scribbled dreams in graphite, ink, charcoal and watercolour.

“Wie, oder seid Ihr gleich dem Gram im Bilde
Ein Antlitz ohne Herz?”

William Shakespeare – Hamlet


Comments are like little kind gifts

If you ever wonder if your comments matters, the answer is yes, they do.

Even the slightest :) matters to me.

Your comment gives me… 97 palabras más


holiday art and happy snaps

A line drawing of sleeping toddler by me (ahh the bliss of travelling with sleeping children)

Some funny animals drawn by Miss M and I… 58 palabras más

My Designs On Craft

Greeting card redesign challenge #1 - Kingfisher

This month I’m going to redesign a greeting card everyday.

Here is a greeting card that my good friend Katrina has sent me for my birthday. 87 palabras más


A Gawain and the Green Knight workbook


Work-books are mostly for play. Of course serious stuff gets done in them, too, but all under the general banner of play. So in this little Moleskin book, I’ll make image after image, most of which won’t have any function other than to serve as warm-ups to the main feature, which will be worked out elsewhere in much larger sketch-books. 135 palabras más


Extinct Hobby

Andrew Ward.
“Drew” Ward.
A drawer.
Drew Ward: drawer.

Dodo dew.
Drew Ward drew dodo dew.

“Drawers’ Dues.”
Drew Ward pays Drawers’ Dues. 29 palabras más


Job Interview (Comic Strip #4)

Drawn from one of the comic strips of Dilbert by Scott Adams.