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"Winter Child - Suzy Bae" Lyrics, Translations & Some Grammar Notes

Can’t talk about this song without mentioning “Dream High” , & along with it my ship that sank like the Titanic (aka Hyemi… 176 palabras más


7 K drama I like the most

Currently thoughts Vol. 1: 7 K drama I like the most


It supposes to be 12 dramas but it ended up 7. There are a lot of great Korean dramas that I watch, however, this list is my most liked. 763 palabras más


[K-TIPS] Menghadapi Korean Culture Shock

Baru-baru ini, Pluv iseng-iseng ngecek website yang sudah Pluv rekomendasikan di episode K-TIPS sebelumnya, ada beberapa orang yang nambah ya(?) Padahal dulunya orang Indonesia di website itu cuma sedikit… Nah, Pluv jadi bahagia nih karena bakal ada orang-orang baru yang akan merasakan culture shock dan pengalaman-pengalaman mengerikan lain yang Pluv rasakan selama berteman secara online dengan empat teman Korea Pluv. 496 palabras más

Korean Culture


Kpop is not the only thing getting famous but there is also this Kdrama or Korean Drama going around nowadays. Who doesn’t know Big Boss Yoo Si Jin from Descendants of the Sun (oh c’mon you know him!) or Kang Chul from W-Two Worlds? 2.119 palabras más

Boys Over Flowers

Lee Min Ho Quits ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’ To Focus On ‘Pregnant’ Suzy Bae? Korean Couple Prepares For Their Wedding?

Lee Min Ho and Suzy Bae have been hitting the wedding headlines lately. Now, new reports are claiming that “The Heirs” actor and the “Dream High” actress are now expecting their first baby together. 257 palabras más


keeping myself motivated

Me every day,


The thing is, keeping myself motivated every day has always been a roller coaster ride experience. The road to achieving the so-called highest peak of positivity and productivity can sometimes be a burden that doesn’t even exist in the first place. 262 palabras más