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IU Is Coming Back to the Small Screen?

I am proud to write and inform all fans of IU that she may be coming back to the small screen. After her last hit drama, Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, She hasnt starred in any drama. 141 palabras más


Top 10 Favorite Korean Dramas!

(Important note: all of these are not “dramas” in the sense of very sad, cry-every-episode shows that we have come to know and use the term in Western literature, theater, and film.) 1.852 palabras más

Throwback to Dream High (2011)

Dream High will always have a special place in my heart, mainly because it was actually the first drama that I fully watched. I’ve probably previously watched bits and pieces of Boys Over Flowers and Full House, but never really finished it. 226 palabras más


Picture Perfect # 85

Today’s Picture Perfect is reminding me of a brilliant korean drama Dream High and this was definitely one of my favourite scenes — the flash mob! 9 palabras más


Dream High Musim 1 (2011)

Butiran Drama :

  • Tajuk: 드림하이 / Dream High
  • Genre: Sekolah, drama, komedi, romantik, muzikal
  • Episod: 16

Sinopsis :

Mengisahkan tentang enam orang pelajar Kirin Art High School yang berusaha mencapai impian mereka untuk menjadi seorang bintang dalam industri seni. 137 palabras más


7 K drama I like the most

Currently thoughts Vol. 1: 7 K drama I like the most


It supposes to be 12 dramas but it ended up 7. There are a lot of great Korean dramas that I watch, however, this list is my most liked. 763 palabras más


[K-TIPS] Menghadapi Korean Culture Shock

Baru-baru ini, Pluv iseng-iseng ngecek website yang sudah Pluv rekomendasikan di episode K-TIPS sebelumnya, ada beberapa orang yang nambah ya(?) Padahal dulunya orang Indonesia di website itu cuma sedikit… Nah, Pluv jadi bahagia nih karena bakal ada orang-orang baru yang akan merasakan culture shock dan pengalaman-pengalaman mengerikan lain yang Pluv rasakan selama berteman secara online dengan empat teman Korea Pluv. 496 palabras más

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