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What Dream High Taught Me Seven Years After

Korean dramas have become my addiction these days, and since I can’t get over the last one I’ve seen, I might as well write about it. 816 palabras más


She is a girl…and that didn’t made her hide behind feathers of her parents…

Like every individuals she also owned a personality, an attittude….and she loved to enjoy her uniqueness on every fine way she found… 198 palabras más


of rio 2016

Basically me watching golf, how on earth do they determine the winner? Boogey? Par? What is that? Sports for the rich people?

Forget golf, I am better watching tennis or badminton. 417 palabras más

Dream High

being normal

Simple things I’d love to share based on some amazing articles that I’ve read:

1/ If the ideas of making goals stress you out, then you’re in the wrong direction. 124 palabras más

Dream High

Sejahtera Dulu Aja, Baru Mikirin Orang Lain

Beberapa saat lalu saya terlibat obrolan dengan seorang kawan kerja. Kami membahas tentang impian kami untuk kebermanfaatan banyak orang. Dia bilang “Ka, saya pengen punya panti asuhan nanti” 413 palabras más

My Deep Thinking

How Deep Is Your Dream

Mungkin saat ini bukan hanya seberapa besar impian kita, seberapa besar kita ingin mendapatkannya, namun juga seberapa dalam impian kita tertanam, mengakar, tersulur dalam aliran aliran darah, bersatu dalam sumsum tulang, berdegup bersama alunan jantung. 70 palabras más

Dream High


The music assessment is coming up and all the first year students of Kirin are hard at work. The topic: conveying emotions. At the end of the fifth episode, we see that the most important thing in singing, or in any art form for that matter, is sincerity. 486 palabras más

Dream High