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keeping myself motivated

Me every day,


The thing is, keeping myself motivated every day has always been a roller coaster ride experience. The road to achieving the so-called highest peak of positivity and productivity can sometimes be a burden that doesn’t even exist in the first place. 262 palabras más

Dream High


“I dream high, I dream a dream.

When I’m tired, I close my eyes

And get up to see my dream happening.”

– Dream High OST…

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Up and up and up.

I can still remember during my childhood days, on how I was fascinated with aeroplanes. I can still remember how we used to make paper planes and make it fly up and up and up. 71 palabras más

Dream High

What Dream High Taught Me Seven Years After

Korean dramas have become my addiction these days, and since I can’t get over the last one I’ve seen, I might as well write about it. 816 palabras más


She is a girl…and that didn’t made her hide behind feathers of her parents…

Like every individuals she also owned a personality, an attittude….and she loved to enjoy her uniqueness on every fine way she found… 198 palabras más


of rio 2016

Basically me watching golf, how on earth do they determine the winner? Boogey? Par? What is that? Sports for the rich people?

Forget golf, I am better watching tennis or badminton. 417 palabras más

Dream High