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Thoughts On Spending Your Life

I do not want to spend my life being entertained by TV instead of actively bring imagination to life.

I am concerned that we are being encouraged to become lazy – that more people invest too much of their happiness on external things – on being in on a cool show or hobby to make them happy because of the attention they get from others to be exact. 635 palabras más


spending my holidays

Since November is almost ending, I’m pretty thankful with how I live my life now. No more feeling guilty/worried in bed and my sleep cycle is now back to normal. 108 palabras más

Dream High

Flash Review: Goong S [Prince Hours]

Funny story, you guys. I actually never intended to watch Goong S, let alone finish it.

It all started a while ago, when I did my rewatch and… 1.532 palabras más

Flash Review

Notes of an Alumnus

My school paper adviser in high school offered me to write for the newspaper that they are about to publish for this year. As a graduate of that school, i find it a privilege to share my thoughts with their students today. 1.198 palabras más

Alfonso National High School

IU's "Twenty-Three" Just Gets It

IU is back! With a mini-album she helped produced no less. And recently she dropped her comeback single from Chat-Shire, “Twenty-Three”.

I started to like IU back when she starred in Dream High as Kim Pil-Sook, where I fell in love with her voice despite the strange fat suit she had to wear during that role. 339 palabras más








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