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Ustedes saben que las K-addicts tenemos todo tipo de listas. Llevo años mencionando las mías en mis posts, pero nunca las había compartido hasta ahora. 210 palabras más

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K-Drama Rewind: Dream High

It’s 2018, the year where K becomes a very famous K-pop idol with legions of fans. It’s been years since he started his singing career at Kirin Arts High School, a far cry from his humble beginnings as a country bumpkin. 587 palabras más

Grumpy Flashback

Drama Dissection: We Don't Talk Anymore

Dramaland can tell the most beautiful friendships whether they were men, ladies or a bunch of students trying to reach out in the world together. For me, I thought that lost relationships that were rekindled also gave a different kind of heartwarming feeling. 852 palabras más

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Drama Dissection: Rainy Days, Dreamy Knights

One True Pairs for me are hard to measure but it should leave that mark like “Ah… I love that series because the main couple really stood out.” Even the drama direction was good or the writing was no less than excellent, an outstanding OTP will use every resources it has even if it is just their chemistry to lure the viewers on their romance. 1.127 palabras más

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wrapping up year 1

Dear readers,

I successfully survived my Year 1 in dental school! Hehe.

Alhamdulillah that I managed to pass my final exam. I’m so grateful that God eased everything for me. 434 palabras más

Dream High

5 seconds, daily.

Everyday commutes can be quite ……..tiring. I grew bored of it that I could even walk to university with my eyes closed. HAHA.

But over time, I realized that it isn’t a bad thing actually. 629 palabras más

Dream High

K-Drama #2: Dream High

Drama Title: Dream High
Genre: Romance, Musical, Teen film
Episodes: 16 episodes
Broadcast Period: January 3, 2011 – February 28, 2011

Synopsis: Dream High revolves around the lives of six students at Kirin High School who have a dream of becoming a performer in the music industry. 176 palabras más

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