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How to market your freelance writing in 2019

There is an abundance of terminologies (and acronyms) nowadays for marketing. SEOs, B2B, B2C, unicorn-startup-targeted-writing, that-other-marketing-strategy-where-you-use-a-lot-of-social-media… how do we even keep up? Despite this, maintaining an… 970 palabras más

Digital Marketing

Grow your website faster by using DreamHost as your foundation.

Do you want A Web hosting Platform that is Super Easy To Use,Fast and Reliable,Full Featured and has 24/7 Live Support.You got it,its none other than Dreamhost. 355 palabras más


The Journey with Wordpress

I didn’t realise that I have been using WordPress for 11 years. Thanks for the reminder. I started using WordPress because I just wanted to blog. 358 palabras más


Top 8 successful web hosting services

These web hosting services is measured by uptime.

For those of you who don’t know what uptime is, uptime is a great measure on how a web server is available 24 hours 7 days a week. 473 palabras más


TechCrunch: Some of the biggest web hosting sites were vulnerable to simple account takeover hacks

TechCrunch: Some of the biggest web hosting sites were vulnerable to simple account takeover hacks. “A security researcher has found, reported and now disclosed a dozen bugs that made it easy to steal sensitive information or take over any customer’s account from some of the largest web hosting companies on the internet. 41 palabras más

Security & Legal Issues

if/else Statement in WordPress

How to write if/else Statement for certain Addresses show up and match the certain Location Pages.

In this case I am trying to have the address appeared on the footer there for this is put in as one of the widget footer. 188 palabras más


B250 Lesson 4 Weekly Reflection

This week was a fair amount of new and confusing material for me. I have never understood the difference between hosting and site builders well. Currently, I don’t know how to set up hosting and put a website on it other than using site builders. 247 palabras más