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Duck Duck Go

Duck Duck go is the most exciting, and useful looking search engine I have ever seen since Google. Until today I have never heard of them and they seem to be very successful. 373 palabras más

Duck Duck GO

Challenging the Status Quo

I have recently listened to one of the podcasts of James Altucher where he interviewed Duck Duck Go CEO Gabriel Weinberg.

This guy is awesome, he is the founder of a search engine… 262 palabras más

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5 Great... Family Games (Pt.2/4)


This post is part of The   12 Days of Christmas 

This is part 2 of a 4 part series meant to give some ideas for those looking for last minute gift ideas, or just interested in discovering some cool games. 1.245 palabras más

Jon Spencer Reviews

2.4 Alternative Search Engines

Question #1: What kinds of opportunities for new research come to mind after exploring the alternatives in this unit?
Enter some of your search terms into YouTube and record what you find.

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