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Challenging the Status Quo

I have recently listened to one of the podcasts of James Altucher where he interviewed Duck Duck Go CEO Gabriel Weinberg.

This guy is awesome, he is the founder of a search engine… 262 palabras más

Daily Posts

5 Great... Family Games (Pt.2/4)


This post is part of The   12 Days of Christmas 

This is part 2 of a 4 part series meant to give some ideas for those looking for last minute gift ideas, or just interested in discovering some cool games. 1.245 palabras más

Jon Spencer Reviews

2.4 Alternative Search Engines

Question #1: What kinds of opportunities for new research come to mind after exploring the alternatives in this unit?
Enter some of your search terms into YouTube and record what you find.

413 palabras más

Practical Technology Podcast - Good Computers Gone Bad

Superfish and Lenovo issue – To give Lenovo some credit, they have posted a Superfish removal tool. The root cause turns out to be a SDK that was released by the company Komodia – this issue affects more than just Lenovo  computers. 167 palabras más

A search engine competing with Google by keeping users anonymous just tripled its growth

Dan Frommer for Quartz:

“One of the few companies competing with Google in the web search industry is DuckDuckGo, which tries to stand out by pledging not to track its users.  43 palabras más


Make DuckDuckGo your Default Search Engine

If you want to prevent companies from being able to use your search history to create virtual models of yourself in order to target advertising or inform intelligence agencies… try duckduckgo… I’ve been using it for a while now… it’s fast, simple and takes two minutes to change… simply type… 58 palabras más


Playing with mint

I downloaded and installed linux mint 17.1 Rebecca the other day!

So far, an awesome experience. There’s added user-friendly customization to the finer details including folder colors and designs. 57 palabras más

Duck Duck Go