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Revolutionary Action is an anarchist organization which unites active members of anarchist movement. Basis of RA’s ideas is anarcho-communism, social anarchism and illegalism. The voice of our position is the website and social networks, where we express position about different events, cover anarchist movement activity, publish instructions and recommendations. 1.533 palabras más

How Telegram Channeled Russia’s Political Intrigue

David Kharebov–In January this year, Russia’s state-run television channel Rossia-24 aired a special report featuring an anonymous political blogger. His face was concealed behind a black mask and his voice artificially altered. 267 palabras más

Can we have both equality and diversity?

About the infamous Google Memo… Here is a review of reactions to the controversial piece.


  • A Google engineer, James Damore, wrote a memo entitled Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.
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Using Fake News to Censor the Internet

It’s ironic the lack of self awareness shown by corporate media in the US. First they invented the term “fake news” to smear the alternate media, then they were shocked when they were caught out in lies and their slur was reflected back on them. 1.819 palabras más


More Google Search Bias?

Heat Street has published an article entitled “Does Google Have a Liberal Bias? Search Results for Roger Ailes“. Lets see what the top nine results look like on both Google and Duck Duck Go: 308 palabras más


7 Reasons Why I Am Leaving Google – Social Media Tips by Steve Cioccolanti -

PP Editor Comment: I am not so sure whether you should purely use BING. Microsoft?? Are you kidding me? Hell No! Another globalist control freak who TRACKS you? 1.820 palabras más