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A search engine competing with Google by keeping users anonymous just tripled its growth

Dan Frommer for Quartz:

“One of the few companies competing with Google in the web search industry is DuckDuckGo, which tries to stand out by pledging not to track its users.  43 palabras más


Make DuckDuckGo your Default Search Engine

If you want to prevent companies from being able to use your search history to create virtual models of yourself in order to target advertising or inform intelligence agencies… try duckduckgo… I’ve been using it for a while now… it’s fast, simple and takes two minutes to change… simply type… 58 palabras más


Playing with mint

I downloaded and installed linux mint 17.1 Rebecca the other day!

So far, an awesome experience. There’s added user-friendly customization to the finer details including folder colors and designs. 57 palabras más

Duck Duck Go

I've seen the future, and Google is not my preferred search engine.

As you may have noticed, Google search results are getting increasingly encumbered by crud, meaningless results, and ads.
That was precisely the reason why we all switched from Altavista to Google, years ago. 1.265 palabras más


How about no tracking?

Companies who are only fairly sophisticated with their marketing collect nearly every possible data point possible on each one of their customers – and often even on their browsers (people who stop by the website, but don’t purchase). 470 palabras más

Jon Friesch

Practically Famous 2.0

In light of our recent lecture on “Googalisation” and the implications of commercial search engines, we have decided to be more conscious of the resources that we use in conducting research for our web feature. 129 palabras más

Investigative Feature

Search Engines

Yahoo, Google, Chrome and Bing
They all just do the same old thing
To search, to find, to list to know
Not forgetting old DuckDuck Go… 43 palabras más