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Truth Be Told

Sequel to Odd Quiver In Summer Sixteen

Feeling exasperated, Dylan ran the right hand through his dark hair. He was driving fast, as though running out of time, trying to catch a missed train. 1.338 palabras más

Teen Wolf: Season 5 Episode 1 and 2

I’m so happy it’s finally returned it feels like I’ve waited forever for it to return. It’s such a great show that just gets better with each season and this season is no exception. 384 palabras más


'Teen Wolf' Spoilers: Cody Christian's Character Creates 'Tiff' Between Scott & Stiles

The new guy’s bringing the drama. It’s senior year for the kids of ‘Teen Wolf,’ so when (a hot, shirtless) fresh meat gets thrown into the mix, Scott and Stiles have different opinions — and secrets will cause a tad bit of tension in the pact. 330 palabras más

News And Gossip

The Maze Runner!!!

So I have read the whole Maze Runner trilogy and was so excited when I was going to see the film. I found the film good but I was also extremely disappointed on how different it was to the books. 101 palabras más

Dylan Obrien

Teen Wolf is Back - Watch Your Pack!

Summer is here which also means new TV is here! Things have sure changed since the early 2000’s when nothing was on during the summer except daytime TV like  423 palabras más