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Fandom News: Scorch Trials Stills

With the first movie, The Maze Runner doing great at the box office grossing a total of $328 million world wide they cast began production of the second movie, the Scorch Trails as soon as possible. 52 palabras más

Fandom News

Movie Review - The Maze Runner (2014)

When I first saw the previews for The Maze Runner, I was somewhat intrigued, then quickly dismissive.  Basically tossed it off as a junior fiction/young adult version of the… 270 palabras más

Movie Review

Celebrities Who Got Famous in 2014

Looking back in 2014, there are a few celebrities that had ruled the entertainment sector. Well, I just kind of sum up a few people that I think they got famous in 2014 out of all the sudden everyone knows who they are. 525 palabras más



I’ve just realised how long I have been away from here!

For all my readers out there I ‘am so so sorry. I’ve been extremely busy working and writing and reading. 80 palabras más

Teen Wolf casting?

So it appear Teen Wolf is casting one of our favorites as child. 27 palabras más


The Maze Runner

Children/teens fighting for their lives due to some sort of dystopian issue isn’t my thing. I’ve read and seen the first Hunger Games book and movie but wasn’t craving the rest. 376 palabras más


Dylan O'Brien

Dylan O’Brien (born August 26, 1991) is an American actor, musician, and director. He co-stars as “Stiles” Stilinski in the MTV seriesTeen Wolf. He also co-starred in the film… 341 palabras más