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Canada doesn’t invest enough in early childhood education, economist tells Kelowna audience

A new report reveals troubling findings when it comes to accessing early childhood education (ECE) in Canada,

“Canada is deeply under investing in early childhood education when we look at enrollment relative to other advanced economies,” Craig Alexander, the report’s co-author and chief economist for the Conference Board of Canada, said in Kelowna on Friday. 285 palabras más


The Law of the Sea - Annex 1 Overview of the 1982 convention

Not an article per say, but here is a summary of the treaty signed at the end of UNICLOS III. A link at the end of the page will guide you to the real document, which is quite long to read with its 202 pages. 781 palabras más


Andrew Coyne: Economy is hot, but Liberals not? Maybe voters have realized the limits of PM's powers

Through their first year in office, the federal Liberals sailed aloft in the public opinion polls — at more than 45 per cent, on average, roughly 20 points ahead of their Conservative rivals. 907 palabras más

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Under Trump, Both Red and Blue States Experience Historic Drop in Unemployment Numbers

  •  Jobless claims remaining below 300,000 – the longest streak since 1970.


The unemployment rates in 13 states have hit record lows in October since the federal government first started recording state-level data, according to… 143 palabras más


U.S. releases list reflecting tougher NAFTA negotiating positions

MEXICO CITY — The United States has published an updated list of NAFTA negotiating objectives to reflect some of its tougher-than-anticipated demands in a reminder of the difficult hoeing ahead as parties seek fertile ground for a deal. 785 palabras más

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Medicare 'Part B' premiums to rise next year for many

WASHINGTON (AP) — Many Medicare beneficiaries will pay higher monthly premiums next year for outpatient coverage, an expense that will eat away at an increase in their Social Security checks, the government announced late Friday afternoon. 290 palabras más


Graduate students to see tax increase in House GOP tax reform

AUSTIN (KXAN) — During the process of trying to simplify and lower tax rates for most individuals and corporations, the GOP tax reform that just passed the House puts more burden on graduate students working to pay tuition. 440 palabras más