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Event: Fifth International Workshop on Transformer Performances

The workshop took place in Brussels on November 14 and attracted about 50 participants. Through 4 sessions and 17 speakers, regulation, market surveillance, technology and environmental performance of power transformers were discussed. 120 palabras más

Energy & Climate

SacRT Forward and Measure B at ECOS TAQCC

Our friends at ECOS are hosting regular meeting of the Transportation, Air Quality and Climate Change Committee (TAQCC) on two prominent topics for STAR, the SacRT Forward (route optimization study) process, and the Measure B Coalition. 216 palabras más


How to build eCos for x386


Download eCos sources

Add following paths to PATH

$ export PATH=$PATH:~/ecos/ecos-3.0/tools/bin
$ export PATH=$PATH:~/ecos/gnutools/i386-elf/bin
$ export PATH=$PATH:~/ecos/gnutools/i386-elf/i386-elf/bin
$ export PATH=$PATH:~/ecos/gnutools/i386-elf/libexec/gcc/i386-elf/4.3.2


Go to ~/ecos/ecos-3.0/packages… 41 palabras más


How to get ecos


wget --passive-ftp
sh ecos-install.tcl

Downloading and Installation

Mercurial eCos repository

eCosPro SDK

eCos CVS repositories



O espetáculo Ecos do Côa chega à cidade falcão e conta com um público atento e divertido.

Jornalista: Ana Silva

Imagem/edição: João Pias


Gold Line evening service for Folsom

The Folsom late night service on SacRT Gold Line is funding in part, or completely, from a settlement between ECOS and Caltrans, from a lawsuit over expansion (induced demand) of Hwy 50. 33 palabras más


Multiple Security Issues in Ecos Secure Boot Stick (SBS)

Ecos Secure Boot Stick version 5.6.5 and System Management version 5.2.68 suffers from credential disclosure and various other security vulnerabilities that can lead to information disclosure. 26 palabras más