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The Monster is Frankenstein: 'Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark' and Narratives of the Monstrous Other

*Note: This is an analysis, not a review. There are spoilers throughout.

Horror literature and horror films are characterized by the return of the repressed. The monsters represent the horrors of discrimination, abuse, violence, and oppression; the terror is expressed by mainstream society that those they’ve repressed will return to take vengeance. 2.361 palabras más


Intern Guest Post: Taking the Mystery Out of Academic Publishing

Written by Sydney Whitesideeditorial intern at the University Press of Florida

Most people are familiar with the idea of a midlife crisis—the fear, the doubt, the despair, the new Porsche. 640 palabras más


The Latest Anti-Ant Invention: "Eco-Friendly" Slip-n-Slide Paint

There is perhaps no tale as ancient as the tale of a human hell-bent on keeping ants out of their home. It’s no surprise that we chose to launch this outlet, over two and a half years ago, with a treatise… 167 palabras más


Neurodiversity: Exploring Some Realities

I can thoroughly commend the work of Professor Amanda Kirby in developing the term ‘neurodiversity’ to characterise the wide range of conditions previously held under the ‘autism spectrum disorders’. 247 palabras más


How do You do Social Media?

During my MFA course we talked about how to present yourself to the world. Marketing yourself is pretty much expected these days. The problem for a lot of writers is that they tend to be introverts by nature, and having to put themselves out there in the public eye can produce a lot of anxiety. 421 palabras más

God Save the Queen

Editorial 19th August, 2019

Nigel Farage has blessed the Queen and wished her more of the life she has already enjoyed. His comments were delivered to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Sydney, an event open to members of the public but from which the media were banned. 398 palabras más