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Confusion in my head,
Clarity in my eyes,
My imagination was the best disguise.

I was listening to Oliver Nelson’s Perfect Havoc Disco Mixtape in the woods.

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To Effy

You have the iffy Effy eyes that could kill.

Wild but restrained, only reacting when provoked,

Those same eyes condemned me to this suffering.

I’d gladly gaze at you and let myself die, 27 palabras más



SKINS makes me feel all kinds of things, but so does mango flavored tequila. I am watching the final season of the series for the first time and I realize I am shit. 532 palabras más


I didn't eat...

Skins ♥

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Effy - Fernweh EP

Irish producer Effy is set to release a banging new EP on the 30th of March via No Logo LTD. Fernweh, consisting of four tracks each equally as large as the other. 48 palabras más


Bristol: a city of boats, babes, and brightly colored houses

Sarah: My only knowledge of Skin’s comes from me meeting Ben Lloyd-Hughes (who appears in Season 1 of Skin’s) briefly in a the hotel Radisson’s hot tub in Chicago. 824 palabras más


My first quote

Loving someone, who’s broke,hurt and taking someone’s problems as your own can turn out really painful because soon you don’t know, who’s more emotionally damaged – you or the person you love.

xoxo, Porcelain Doll.

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