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Long heels

Short dress

Come and find me…

Dom Perignon

Can’t you see it’s on?

Moon shining…

Loud beats

Disco dreams

Sun rising…

My 3 Favorite Stitch Fix Tops

It is no secret that I am in love with Stitch Fix, it’s a fantastic service for my busy schedule and it helps push me out of my fashion comfort zone. 524 palabras más

Michigan Blogger

Effy Jewelry--Alaska

Ok, so this post started out as a post about Skagway, Alaska, but then it took a turn. I feel obligated to give a shout out to… 664 palabras más


Lover's remorse

It is quite ironic

That my poems mostly lead back to you

A way of healing

But for how long?

Why can’t this sunrise inspire me? 9 palabras más


Who doesn’t love a color saturated gemstone? Also, the bigger the better right? I have been so into huge gems lately, and I love that so many jewelry designers are putting them at the forefront of their collections. 394 palabras más


Uma crônica ordinária

Quando eu era mais nova, antes desses tratamentos, remédios e ida ao psiquiatra, eu tinha toda essa sede de vida. Eu costumava abocanhar o mundo com unhas e dentes, … 786 palabras más


She don’t feel a thing no more,

Emotions have run dry.

A beautiful soul with so much light

It all has seems to have died. 115 palabras más

Deep Thoughts