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Tutankhamun at the Saatchi

King at 9 years old and dead by age 19. Tutankhamun’s body laid at rest until discovered by Howard Carter 3000 years later. So why is this Pharaoh so important? 250 palabras más

Egypt's Christian Women Treated Like Muslims in Inheritance. Until Now?

This article was first published at Christianity Today, on December 5.

Two stories here, so the article deck is an important follow-up to the headline: 387 palabras más


The fascination of large stones

There is a perennial interest in the megaliths (large stones) used in ancient construction. Sometimes the interest is driven by conspiracy theories. But what are the facts? 484 palabras más


Fish, Resistant Bodies, and Sameh Mahran's 'The Boatman'

In the latest volume of Arab Stagesits eleventh — Dina Amin has translated Sameh Mahran’s 1997 play The Boatman and has also written about the text in “ 744 palabras más


Egypt: State Security prosecution operating as a ‘sinister tool of repression’

Egypt has become one of the world’s most aggressive jailers of reporters.

Almost all of the state and privately owned media now speak with a single pro-government voice. 54 palabras más


The Origin of Nose-Boops (and maybe Cats)

Cats and humans have been living side-by-side for a long time, be it out on our homesteads catching vermin, or curled up by our fires on someone’s lap. 604 palabras más



A few days ago, I saw Akhnaten, an opera in three acts presented by The Metropolitan Opera. The opera was transmitted live to a worldwide audience. 460 palabras más