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It isn't very common, take a listen: Latch Flashlight Rolaway

Hi want to present you: Rolaway, from Spain, style: electro house.

I know you guys like electro house genre so check this:

Stay tuned for what Rolaway has in facebook Rolaway Facebook

[EP] - Precipice

Avaren’s first EP release, “Precipice,” free to download. If you would like to donate, please scroll down.

Avaren – For Other’s Use by Avaren is licensed under a… 27 palabras más

CCA License


I walk amongst you

Keeping my head down low

I try to get through

Slip by unheard and invisible

You are material

I am ethereal… 44 palabras más


Find You

“We’re fireworks with a wet fuse”

When I first heard this song I stopped in my tracks. I was walking out of the movie Divergent, and I just froze. 57 palabras más



It takes a lot of hard work to get noticed in the electronic music community and doing it without being just another sound alike artists that gets laughed at and ridiculed. 129 palabras más