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Durkheim and Mill: A Tale of Two Utilitarians

John Stuart Mill’s Theory of Utilitarianism can probably best be summed up in this one quote: “Actions are right in proportion as they tend to promote happiness, wrong as they tend to produce the reverse of happiness”. 199 palabras más

Emile Durkheim

Response: Discussing "Guest of the Sheik", the relationship between a system of beliefs and space

With a keen observation and a rich narrative style, Elizabeth Fernea has vividly described the lives of the village El Nahra, especially focusing on the women in her ethnography “Guest of the Sheik”. 1.416 palabras más

College Assignment

Durkheim and his science...

When Durkheim said that one sentience, “it is not surprising that social development…the same law,” I don’t think it was that out of place compared to the rest of his essay. 299 palabras más

Emile Durkheim

The Strange Murder of Emile Durkheim

Education news.

AQA, the largest exam board in the UK, has dropped the theme of suicide from its Sociology A-level syllabus from September. Rupert Sheard, qualifications manager, said the AQA had to exercise a duty towards students taking the course and “ 281 palabras más


What do our musical choices say about us?

Rap battles, beat boxing, sing-offs, metal, rock, country, pop, jazz, hip hop, indie and other alternatives; yet where can we hitch our identity, or does it really matter? 666 palabras más


Learning about Suicide probably saved my life

GCSE Sociology helped me discover Hunter S. Thompson. For that alone I am thankful. I also learned about Suicide when I continued studying the subject in my A-levels. 431 palabras más

Mental Health

Suicide: An Action Too Often Taken

Suicide’s not something anyone really wants to sit and ponder over, although some do and, ultimately, they act on it. But it has become not just a mere occasional note in our media, but a too-often overlooked barometer of something deeper which requires us to think and think hard about it. 1.420 palabras más