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Anomie, Anime, and the Alt-Right

This article will hit levels of Vivaldian neo-irony that shouldn’t even be possible. The lines between sincerity and satire will blur. Description and prescription will become unintelligible. 6.764 palabras más


Functionalism and society

Today let’s talk a bit about Functionalist theories of society.

Functionalism is a macro, structural theory which sees society as a unified system and its needs must be satisfied for the benefit of the entire system, therefore all social features exist to fulfil those needs. 1.332 palabras más


Who Said It First? Durkheim or Jesus?

Last semester I switched my major to sociology. I didn’t really do this out of choice or because I knew much about it, but rather because it was the simplest switch to get more on the path of  with what I want to do for the rest of my life. 1.426 palabras más

The definition of 'suicide'

What is suicide? The question may sound silly at first, but proves to be essential for the study of the history of suicide. The simplest definition could be that suicide is a deliberate, self-inflicted act, killing oneself by one manner or another. 1.158 palabras más

History Of Suicide

The Obstacles of Objectivity and Organic Solidarity

In the BBC documentary, Make Me a German, a British family becomes completely uprooted from their perceived normal realities, and is given the opportunity to see a differing perspective of day-to-day life amongst German culture. 488 palabras más

Five Ways the Hajj is a Sui Generis Reality of Islam

Emile Durkheim (1858 – 1917), the father of sociology, was interested in the ways society bends peoples’ behaviors into a complex, yet structural matrix. In his study of societal norms, he coined the term “social facts” or the external and collective ways that society shapes, structures, and constrains behavior. 458 palabras más

Durkheim and Taylor: The Age of Authenticity is the Age of Anxiety

I (Ben) am a part of a reading group at church that recently finished Charles Taylor’s Secular Age, and we’re now into Sources of Self… 215 palabras más