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Authors like Mircea Eliade, who defined religion not as “belief in deities” but “an experience of the sacred”, and Emile Durkheim enlightened us on the place of the “sacred” in human history, as did Joseph Campbell, famous for his mantra “Follow your bliss” (see my post, December 28, 2014, “Happy New Year ?  303 palabras más

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“When mores are sufficient, laws are unnecessary; when mores are insufficient, laws are unenforceable.”

Emile Durkheim

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Suicide: from a sociological topic to a mental disease; how to fight it.

These days in Italy have been characterised by an event: a well known member of the Radicals, Marco Cappato, after having helped a terminally ill man, Dj Fabo, to have an euthanasia in Switzerland, is under trial for instigation to commit suicide. 557 palabras más


The Gorgeous Nothings by Emily Dickinson

It is impossible to know whether Emily Dickinson thrived on or in spite of her self-imposed isolation. She was a woman of interiors, and her inscrutable mind remains fully insulated in spite of extensive scholarship applied to her known body of work. 262 palabras más


#143 Vegan burgers for lunch at Season Square, Paris

restaurant review #143 – Season Square is a vegan fast food restaurant in Paris. It’s on the east side of town, just next to the Bibliothèque Nationale (the National Library) and the Seine, on the other side of the… 383 palabras más

Restaurants Outside Bruges

Under the sea

“Nowadays people often feel that their private lives are a series of traps. They sense that within their everyday worlds, they cannot overcome their troubles, and in this feeling, they are often quite correct. 149 palabras más

Research notes: military suicide in sagas

A couple of days ago I gave a paper on military suicide in medieval Icelandic sagas in the National Finnish Conference on History Research. For a historian who concentrates on medieval sources, military suicide is not an easy subject to study. 1.515 palabras más

Medieval Scandinavia