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Durkheim: Shallow Society as Violence (A Developed Critique of Durkheim using Mencius)

Durkheim originally investigates the ritual practices of the Intichiuma to understand the development of religion. In this tribe, a plant is marked as the sacred as it is pollinated and cared for by the Intichiuma. 1.394 palabras más


Reading Response to Emile Durkheim

Emile Durkheim seems to take a socio-reductionist approach to religion. That is, he reduces religion to society as something humanly created or projected onto reality. This can be seen on page 196: “So, we can say that it is man who makes his gods, or at least makes them endure, but at the same time it is through them that he himself endures” He elaborates on this further by using society as an example. 569 palabras más


Reading Response to Mencius

Mencius’ debate over human nature with Gaozi in book 6 of the Mencius seems more important than the debate between Locke and Hume. The method of Mencius’ first argument rests in how it resonates with persons. 487 palabras más


Letter to My Son: Reflections on Religion, Brain Damage, Football, and My Life

By Scott Merrill, Ph.D.

Is it a coincidence that America is the strongest, richest and most vibrant society and also the sole country whose national sport is gridiron football? 3.619 palabras más

On the ethics of suicide research

Recently I read an article about the ethics in historical research written by Riikka Miettinen (2017). In her earlier studies, she has concentrated on the history of suicide in seventeenth-century Sweden (Miettinen 2015), and in the article, she discusses ethical aspects of suicide research. 1.979 palabras más

History Of Suicide

Calm Day (Gargantia Episode 5)

(If you missed part 4, check it out HERE)

Ledo’s quite literal meaning-full conversation with Amy’s little brother Bebel led Ledo to start questioning what the meaning of life really is. 1.136 palabras más