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Martyrdom in medieval Scandinavia

Lately I have been thinking about the possible connection between martyrdom and suicide. Since martyrs are “bearing witness”, as the original meaning of the Greek word… 1.664 palabras más

History Of Suicide

What is martyrdom? (Part 1)

What is martyrdom, and is the concept relevant concerning the subject of my study, suicide in medieval Scandinavia? The question may not sound meaningful at first, but when trying to define each of the concepts, martyrdom and suicide, it becomes clear that the two concepts sometimes coincide. 1.141 palabras más

History Of Suicide

Durkheim On The Pragmatist Conception Of Truth

Pragmatism’s much reviled ‘theory of truth’ received a sympathetic and yet critical and rigorous treatment in Émile Durkheim‘s little-known–to philosophers–Pragmatism and Sociology (John P. 486 palabras más


Heroic death? The case of seppuku

In my previous post I discussed an issue I am dealing with in my study of the history of medieval Scandinavian suicide at the moment, namely… 880 palabras más

History Of Suicide

Durkheim On Social Facts As Things: Methodology As Metaphysics

In The Rules of Sociological Method (The Free Press, 1982, pp. 35-36) Émile Durkheim writes:

The proposition which states that social facts must be treated as things…stirred up the most opposition. 498 palabras más


​What Differences Lie Between Macro & Micro Sociological Perspectives?

Sociology is a broad topic, therefore widening the scope of theories needed to explain sociological phenomena. No one theory has been successful at the task of explaining the nature of human behaviour in its entirety, thus grasping and satisfying every minute detail. 1.147 palabras más


Sociology in Sati

“A woman”

Does the worth of a woman exist only in relation to a man? Is it justified on the part of the narrow-minded hypocritical society to persecute a woman in the name of protecting her or in the name of doing greater good of people? 793 palabras más