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Religion & Community (1/2): is it a hive switch?

If religion becomes a cause of dislike, hatred and division, it were better to be without it, and to withdraw from such a religion would be a truly religious act.

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A Story (a poem)

I couldn’t tell it all in a note,
so I wrote it in a book.
Why would I say goodbye,
when my story’s unfinished?
Invading my thoughts. 56 palabras más


Emile Durkheim : Division of Labour and Suicide


The aim of his work Division of Labour was to find out the correlation between Social Diversity and Moral Consensus. In pre-modern societies, social cohesion was based on similarities in beliefs and practices. 986 palabras más


Emile Durkheim : The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life

Why Durkheim studied religion

Durkheim’s grew up in a religious atmosphere, though he himself became dis-interested in theology. His work, The elementary forms of religion… 690 palabras más


Memories of a Headache

The finale of “Museums, Galleries, and Heritage” has arrived; so whilst the module is far far from over (ten workshops and two essays from over, to be precise) I apparently now know all there is to know about these three aspects of life. 468 palabras más


Yitro's Visit Revisited (Yitro)

Note: The following is the first of two short articles on Yitro’s visit to Moshe, an episode which was recounted at the beginning of the Parshah we read this past Shabbos. 2.579 palabras más


Emile Durkheim : The Rules of Sociological Methods

What is society? Society consists of individuals, but is it just a congregation? Or, does it have a separate existence? Can it be a separate entity? 692 palabras más