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Sosyolojinin Psikolojiye görece üstünlüğü

Toplumsal olgular, bizzat doğaları gereği bireylere egemen olduklarından, bireylerin bilinçlerinin dışında oluşurlar. Bu bakımdan, onları bulundukları halleriyle şeyler olarak kavrayabilmek için özel hüner gerektiren bir çarpıtma içine girmemize gerek yoktur. 38 palabras más

Can State Universities Define Community Standards? Questions about Oklahoma

As most everyone knows, last weekend a video showed up in which members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon from the University of Oklahoma recited a racist pledge. 968 palabras más

Islam as Socialist (Soc-Islam)

Dear readers for the next few minutes “Nalaik Panda” will sound nerdy so bear with me even i reprimand my self being like this .In the Final Semester of Electrical Engineering we are forced to study sociology, Pakistan Engineering Council doesn’t give you options to chose the subject of your choice. 1.215 palabras más

The Control Theory's Achilles Heel?

I was casually perusing Criminological theories one gloomy winter weekday when I came across something that struck me . It is true that we don’t retain nearly as much information as we forget when reading textbooks for the first time, but for whatever reason this resonated with me. 1.453 palabras más


Ziya Gökalp, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the two Emile Durkheims

All too often the political divides in Turkey are simplified into a crude division into a secularist/republican (Kemalist) camp and an Islamic/Islamist camp, with the only complication allowed for being the conflict around Kurdish minority rights. 1.060 palabras más

Durkheim on Religion: A Brief Look

Born into a devout Jewish family in 1858, Émile Durkheim chose, as a teenager, to break with tradition and, instead of training to become a rabbi, studied at the École Normale Supérieure. 1.086 palabras más

Religious Studies