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Almost Sixty Dollars

Anybody out there remember when the gas pumps had only one space on the left of the decimal point for the cost of gas? Meaning, no matter what you drove, you could fill up for under ten dollars? 85 palabras más

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A Soylent Green Night

Any of you too young to understand the allusion to Soylent Green, it is a 1973 dystopian film in which the title refers to a pre-packaged food substitute.  92 palabras más

Black And White Photography

Emilio just became an underwear model.


Bolded Facts- Emilio

$ Financial : wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty
✚ Medical : fit / moderate /sickly/ disabled / disadvantaged / non applicable… 503 palabras más


Just going down Hollywood Boulevard with mi amor…

Desert Paradise


Clyde Barrow: Now you just tell me what was wrong with that car.

C. W. Moss: Dirt.

Clyde Barrow: Dirt?

C. W. Moss: Dirt in the fuel line…, just blowed it away. ~ Bonnie And Clyde, 1967

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