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Found at an old gas station off Route 66, not far from Kingman AZ. Joe will have to help with the make and model. There was nothing readable, no logos either, on this abandoned truck. 6 palabras más

Black And White Photography

Emilio: From His Bedroom to Yours

When we talk lo-fi, we refer to the quality of sound—we hear the crackle, the fuzz, and the rawness. Simplicity is to be expected. Lo-fi, from low fidelity, is synonymous to substandard quality. 435 palabras más


Chapter 13

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Olneyville had once been prosperous settlement, founded as a trading post with nearby native people. Then, as these things always happen, it grew beyond that scope. 4.848 palabras más

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Buenos Aires + Milión

Where the L?

“I will return and I will be millions,” Evita promised. Easy tigress. Milión will do. Cryptic love. What a darling house. Such extravagance of void. 89 palabras más

Lavender's Blue

Ed's Camp

A long abandoned, and now defunct, camp just off Route 66 on the way to Oatman AZ. 7 palabras más

Black And White Photography

Part Two, Chapter One



In the year 2025, a secret U.S. government fund was given to a group of engineers and scientists. Their identities were changed, they would never see their family or friends again, and the program they were beginning was to never be known by the outside world. 1.477 palabras más


The Roles Of The Film Production Team - Emilio Ferrari

Did you realise that understudy producers can win Oscars? Emilio Ferrari started by working with others in a generation group. He likewise realised that keeping in mind the end goal to comprehend film as a fine art; he needed to consider the occupations of the various people who cooperate to make the film a reality. 489 palabras más