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It's a Deal: We will follow wherever the Breeders want to go

There’s a decent argument to be made that Kim Deal has had one of the most free range, “do what I want, when I want” careers in music. 598 palabras más

Things To Do

Concert Review: Tennis

By Victoria Roxanne Hill
Music Journalist

One month ago, I received a message on GroupMe from a classmate saying that she was starting a group message for tennis. 1.141 palabras más



You have never seen true, unrestrained energy until you have seen the fifteen violently ecstatic members of BROCKHAMPTON all smiling and dancing like NSYNC on a tiny tiny TINY stage. 493 palabras más


Snoop Dogg at Emo's Photo Recap

Uncle Snoop lit up Emo’s last night on his cross country tour to Make America Crip Again. After 25 years in the industry, The Doggfather can still blaze a show with a persona that unites, young and old, black and white and everyone in between. 12 palabras más