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Pandora's Box

Louise Brooks. starring in Pandora’s Box 1929

I present tonight for your mild amusement a 1986 BBC documentary, in which the once beautiful, and still intelligent (well, not outside this documentary, as the lady is now deceased) Ms. 405 palabras más


Marian Hill Stroll Down to Emo's on Their Unusual Tour

Platinum songwriting duo Marian Hill are currently touring the US in preparation for the May 11th release of their sophomore album, Unusual. Comprised of high school friends and collaborators… 170 palabras más

It's a Deal: We will follow wherever the Breeders want to go

There’s a decent argument to be made that Kim Deal has had one of the most free range, “do what I want, when I want” careers in music. 598 palabras más

Things To Do

Concert Review: Tennis

By Victoria Roxanne Hill
Music Journalist

One month ago, I received a message on GroupMe from a classmate saying that she was starting a group message for tennis. 1.141 palabras más