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New Direction.

A couple weeks ago when I was talking with my counselor, she challenged me to find something that I was interested in and pick it back up again. 87 palabras más


lol, yeah, that’s definitely the right name for this. I’m guessing if you’re reading this you’re like me, you’re different. Well, WELCOME TO AN ETERNAL DAMNATION, unless you don’t wait to be then just be welcome to my life and life tips I guess. 78 palabras más


Man, what a bunderful hairstyle!

The ‘man bun’. Perhaps the less emo brother of ‘guyliner’ and the younger, hipper cousin of the ‘man bag’, the man bun has joined the ranks of other traditionally feminine items that have come to be acceptable – trendy, even – for men to rock. 359 palabras más


Blogs Need Friends Too

This is a legitimate concern. Blogging could be good for the soul when it comes to privately releasing your dark inner thoughts and feelings but isn’t it much more fun and meaningful when you have real readers who aren’t you and your friends who you bribed? 226 palabras más

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