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Sebelum anda membaca isi gorsan ini sebelumya saya mengucapkan kepada anda Ya’ahowu..
Kali ini saya sedikit berbagi pengalaman tentang Emosi Perusak Kehidupan bagi semua publik dan secara khusus kepada anda yang setia pada blog ini. 283 palabras más

Why I hate emos and people who self harm 

To be clear I don’t hate all emos and self Harmer’s. I only hate the ones who do it just for attention and post it on the internet so people will feel sorry for them. 214 palabras más


Joyce Manor Cover Murder City Devils

I recently saw one of my favorite bands Joyce Manor on tour with Modern Baseball and Say Anything this past month. Unfortunately, some of my content was messed up for a full review of that show. 98 palabras más


Lucius Was Beautiful at Emo's Austin

Shot by Yoomi Park May 2016.

Shot by Yoomi Park May 2016.

Shot by Yoomi Park May 2016.

Shot by Yoomi Park May 2016.

Shot by Yoomi Park May 2016. 30 palabras más


Animal Collective, 4/30/2016, Emo’s, Austin, Photos – Write-Up

Animal Collective brought their eclectic style to Austin for Levitation but due to saturated ground and the threats of more rain the festival was canceled on Thursday.   44 palabras más


Atmosphere, 3/4/16, Emo’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up

Guest writer Bang Ho Rap veterans Atmosphere ran the gamut between slow spoken word rap with songs like Sunshine and fast bangers. They dug deep into their discography and performed Dirty Girl from Slug’s time in Felt with Murs of Living Legends. 27 palabras más