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Perfect Sunday

I finally got to see Minus The Bear for the first time. Let’s just say it was a dream come true.

Xoxo, FoxandPeach 14 palabras más

Feed me

Feed me, feed me a heart and the conjurer o’me will show you a ghastly trick.

Feed me, feed me a start and the traveler o’me will show you a journey from primal being. 71 palabras más


Victory over the Demons

We all have demons we must counter.  I need an arsenal of weapons at my disposal to defeat mine.  My demons have stripped me of my voice, robbed me of my happiness, and try desperately to yank my loved ones from sight or memory.  271 palabras más

The Origins of 'Alt' Culture and the Progression of Society

I know. The title of this blog seems very….serious and generic. Don’t fear, it’s not too heavy!

Since we’re all happily Twenty First Century citizens, most of us have familiarized ourselves with goths, emos etc. 468 palabras más