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Don't Judge: Social Discrimination

The piece which evoked empathy on me was the one about stereotypes.

It influenced me as these are harsh opinions of people and are unfair. I myself, am blonde and I am not stupid. 72 palabras más


Hay que respetar..

“El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz”  Benito Juárez.

En un mundo cada día mas globalizado, donde cada día aparecen nuevas corrientes de pensamiento, nuevas formas de hacer las mismas cosas que siempre se han hecho, nuevas modas, nuevos géneros musicales, tribus urbanas (Hipsters, Emos, Metals, Rastas, etc), todas estas con la misma razón de ser, identificarse como individuo y encontrar su grupo,  es inconcebible cerrarse y entender que la forma correcta de vivir, es la propia. 256 palabras más


Jamming. And my couch.

This was one of those pictures I started and that didn’t work out how I wanted but i finished anyway and I’m not overly thrilled with. 156 palabras más


24 - Finally

I’ve been waiting since 2003 to see Saosin live w/ Anthony Green, and after seeing them tonight, it was worth every bit of the wait. It was one of the most amazingly intense shows I’ve seen in a very long time. 30 palabras más


22 - 2003

It’s hard to believe that almost 15 years ago I stumbled across a band that would be one of the most influential bands in shaping my music tastes for well over a decade. 46 palabras más