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(as in unknown variable, not some omission) amount of time before I have to leave for work. Have to wait for a call.

Did not cancel on M.E. 514 palabras más

Atmosphere, 3/4/16, Emo’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up

Guest writer Bang Ho Rap veterans Atmosphere ran the gamut between slow spoken word rap with songs like Sunshine and fast bangers. They dug deep into their discography and performed Dirty Girl from Slug’s time in Felt with Murs of Living Legends. 27 palabras más


UK Extended Ministerial Offices: on the road to cabinetisation

In 2015 the Conservative government has approved the creation of five Extended Ministerial Offices (EMOs), enabling ministers to recruit more special advisers and temporary civil servants. 1.794 palabras más


Borgeous & Morgan Page & DELORA

EDM concerts are so much fun! My strategy is to jam up as close to the stage as possible and enjoy the music and the energy. 61 palabras más



La contracultura es un movimiento que se opone a lo que normalmente conocemos. En mi ensayo voy hablar sobre los emos.

Los emos son una tribu que nació en Estados Unidos a mediados de la década de los 80s. 313 palabras más

Jarren Benton, 10/29/2015, Emo’s, Austin, Photos – Write-up

Guest writer @manvsparty

After the local Austinite rappers burned up the stage, the main show kicked off with a well produced video for The Funk Volume Tour, which became an on going story between sets, like the skits found on old school hip hop records. 71 palabras más