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"Dunkirk" or: Anxiety and Shepard tone

Dunkirk (2017) (Dunkerque is a city in France) is a war film written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. The script, told from three perspectives (land, sea, and air). 233 palabras más


Sad Serenade - Original VGM Inspired Instrumental

Sad Serenade – Crystal Dennis – YouTube

I really don’t like going a month without posting anything, and since my other covers are taking time in the video editing phase I figured I’d just throw this together real quick and post it.  215 palabras más

Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet – Haunting Song

I first heard this haunting small tune over a year ago, but it refuses to leave me alone.  The sound of that man’s quavery voice, even with its shades of Spike Milligan, is captivating in its simplicity and purity. 822 palabras más


5 Songs That Made Me Cry like a Baby

Few things in this world make me cry. Not even romantic movies like Titanic or Me Before You. The only exception is Aamir Khan’s Bollywood movies, Like Stars On Earth and 3 Idiots. 216 palabras más