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Introducing the Spotify Playlists

‘Listening while discovering has never been easier!’

Listen to Discover’s Spotify Playlists
Launched 28th February 2018, Listen to Discover’s Spotify Playlists mean that you can now hear all of the tracks featured throughout the site without having to hunt for them.

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"Dunkirk" or: Anxiety and Shepard tone

Dunkirk (2017) (Dunkerque is a city in France) is a war film written, co-produced, and directed by Christopher Nolan. The script, told from three perspectives (land, sea, and air). 233 palabras más


Sad Serenade - Original VGM Inspired Instrumental

Sad Serenade – Crystal Dennis – YouTube

I really don’t like going a month without posting anything, and since my other covers are taking time in the video editing phase I figured I’d just throw this together real quick and post it.  215 palabras más