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Tre Mason: 'If you’re really worried about me, fly your ass down'

For the first time since he was cut by the Los Angeles Rams, former NFL running back Tre Mason has spoken about his recent troubles. 344 palabras más

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Ancient Greeks: Empedocles on Love and Hate

There are forces in nature called Love and Hate.
The force of Love causes elements to be attracted to each other
and to be built up into some particular form or person,

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Tre Mason is working on an NFL comeback, but not with the Rams

Former St. Louis Rams running back Tre Mason, who is no longer with the team, is reportedly working on a comeback to the NFL.

His mother once said that Mason has the mindset of a 10-year-old, though he had resolved charges for his most recent legal trouble. 202 palabras más

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Strabo Speaks of Mount Etna and the Death of Empedocles

Appendix to

the core of the earth

item No. 1: Strabo speaks of Mount Etna and the Death of Empedocles

The upper districts are bare and ash-like and full of snow during the winter, whereas the lower are divided up by forests and plantations of every sort. 532 palabras más


Four Rare Artifacts of Inestimable Value

Dear Reader,

Amateur archeologist of my own online publications, I have unearthed four rare artifacts of inestimable value which I present to you now.


Love is the Oldest, Wisest Thing in You and in the World (Meditation).

Most of spend a great deal of time looking for love. We look for others to love us, and many of us spend a great deal of time figuring out we can better in some way so that we can finally love ourselves. 502 palabras más


Report: Rams to cut troubled running back Tre Mason

The Los Angeles Rams parted ways with former third-round pick Tre Mason. He was a star running back at Auburn before recent off-field issues.

The Rams waived RB Tre Mason from reserve/did not report and RB Trey Watts from reserve/suspended.

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