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According to Empedocles, everything in this world is the result of the aggregation of imperceptibly minute ingredients which are set side by side without thereby changing their nature. 409 palabras más

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We are immortal


οὐκ ἂν ἀνὴρ τοιαῦτα σοφὸς φρεσὶ μαντεύσαιτο,
ὡς ὄφρα μέν τε βιῶσι, τὸ δὴ βίοτον καλέουσι,
τόφρα μὲν οὖν εἰσίν, καί σφιν πάρα δειλὰ καὶ ἐσθλά, 45 palabras más

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Empedocles foeterde 2500 jaar geleden tegen Aristoteles: “Bepaalde schepselen verwerven op toevallige wijze zekere lichaamsdelen die het meest waardevol bleken te zijn om te overleven.” 18 palabras más


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  1. Pernahkan kamu berpikir tentang sesuatu yang tidak biasa di pikirkan oleh manusia pada umumnya?
  2. Pernahkah kamu mencari sesuatu yang sebenarnya ada tapi sulit untuk dicari?
  3. 908 palabras más
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Civilisation 11: Empedocles

Empedocles lived from 492 BC – 432 BC and was a proper all-rounder. He really did know a thing or two. He got some stuff wrong (quite a lot of stuff really) but that’s to be expected from someone who lived two and a half thousand years ago without the benefit of modern science or the generations of thinkers and discoverers that formed modern opinion. 648 palabras más

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Stimulating ignorance

The word pedant has an illuminating history – originally a perfectly usable word for scholar, it became freighted with the negative and has ended up by being associated with the pernickety, over-literal and prescriptive – a real pedant isn’t the compliment we are all gunning for.  482 palabras más

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Los orígenes metafísicos del animalismo.

Fragmentos de Empédocles transmitidos por Sexto Empírico, Orígenes, Aristóteles, Plutarco y Gelio. Sacados del texto Los filósofos presocráticos, tomo II, editorial Gredos, 1985.