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is funny.
Given it, you ponder like a bunny.
You hop and hop and realize
That you have to wake up
Before you go to sleep. 59 palabras más

English Journal

Day 40: The good bye.

The last days a lot of things happened and I will try to summarize as concise as possible.
I left the team on the 8th of January, after 40 days of traveling together. 163 palabras más

Jurnal De Babord

The young kid and the Island of Lanzarote

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”.

Morocco is a beautiful country. Firstly and most importantly, the temperature is forever caressing your body, especially if you know how to play with the layers of clothing, keeping your body covered, warm and cool in the same time. 1.006 palabras más

Jurnal De Babord

Day 17

18.12.2017, Monday

Had an amazing night in the tent. Woke up several times though, because there was someone constantly trying to get inside the tent. It was just wind. 980 palabras más

English Journal

Day 16

17.12.2017, Sunday

Couldn’t sleep mucho. Went for a 2 km fast paced run uphill to stimulate my heartrate. Day was slow. Time seems to sponge me slowly underwater. 631 palabras más

Jurnal De Babord

Day 15


Not much happened. And a lot did.
Couldn’t sleep much. It was pouring rain on the bus and I was cuddling with the blanket, in a corner of the bed, near the window. 472 palabras más

Jurnal De Babord

Day 14

15.12.2017, Friday

Current day, current writing, WHAT A FALAFEL!
I am finnaly in sync with the day. What a treasure! What a rarity! What a what! 465 palabras más

Jurnal De Babord