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IIT / NIT admission - state board performance

This graph shows IIT / NIT admissions by education board for the year 2016-17.!/vizhome/shared/7KHCSBNW8

It clearly shows that CBSE students outshine the state board students. 53 palabras más


You Are My Puppet, You Will Do As I Say - on passing the ball, staying silent, and above all not taking a knee

There is an “open” letter to the NFL going around these days. I won’t link to it, because if you have a conservative / populist / authoritarian/ Republican / evangelical friends chances are you either have seen it, or you’ll be seeing it real soon. 442 palabras más

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Radical feminism and transgender people: it could work (I guess)

This was a Facebook post which became long enough to be a blog post. Sort of.

This article was really interesting, despite my total ignorance of who Bello is and my distance from American colleges (and more generally the US). 534 palabras más

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There is no link between tax rates and competitiveness!

The Netherlands just joined the race to the bottom in corporate tax. Repeating the mantra that lower tax is good for the investment climate and necessary to remain competitive, … 746 palabras más

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Lovely Blog Award - a.k.a. 7 Facts About Me

The ever-elusive Aweni has been so kind to nominate me for the Lovely Blog Award, which makes me feel incredibly honored and humbled. Aweni’s blog features plenty of interesting stories in verse or prose, and I can promise you that the twists are completely unexpected in many of them. 1.041 palabras más

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Chapter 1: Arrival

The journey begins.

When I arrived at the airport in Germany, I was very nervous. “Where is my terminal?”, “What if I forgot something, what if I am too late for the transit”.. 773 palabras más

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Come, Be Unique With Me - so everyone can see how incredibly, specially unique we are

“You’re crazy,” my friend told me when I ran my plans by her of what exactly it was I was planning for the exhibition. “And that’s why I love you.” 393 palabras más

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