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Vampires Male and Female 

Hello boys and girls,

greetings from the sister site again. This one with vampires from Austria, more precisely Styria. Enjoy! 10 palabras más

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Knowledge isn’t useful until you can apply it

Making mistakes is a potent part of the learning process. I love not invasive competitive sports. First time when I was learning foil fencing, there was some tutorial videos on  how to manipulate with slightest move in  order to gain scores. 73 palabras más

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My Tips For Learning Japanese

As I’ve stated in my previous post, a lot of people have asked me if Japanese is hard… I’ve also been asked if it was like Chinese or Korean, or have had it referenced to me as “that thing that they speak in anime”… 610 palabras más


Digital age

As a millennial I tend to try my best to balance between my private life and career life.

Well from the point of view as a citizenship of developing country I can not allow myself just relax and have fun. 93 palabras más

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Re-writing India, page by page

When Panditji, in 1963, requested the RSS to take part in the Republic Day parade as a thanksgiving for its services during the 1962 China war, the tide had begun to turn right. 381 palabras más


Why Am I Learning Japanese?

I’ve recently traveled to France for a couple of weeks to visit some friends and my old host family. While I was there, I was getting a few questions about college: What I was studying, what college is like in America, etc, etc… 598 palabras más


10 indie bands from Indonesia that you may need to know

Indonesia is a rich country. Of course, I don’t talk about materialistic things. We have beautiful natural resources, religion historical building, diversity of culture and language, tasty food, and there is another thing that I personally love about Indonesia, we have cool music. 710 palabras más

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