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İlhan Berk II

A tiny, lean old man when we met him in Bodrum, his interest in the world was mighty, and that he was a very good painter too we saw at his home. 147 palabras más


Hemingway/ Gellhorn

Ernest Hemingway remains for us – besides, that he created a revolutionary new literary style – the macho, the bearded womanizer, the egotist, the alcoholic (“Harry’s Bar”), the lover of cats, the adventurer, the hunter and fisher, the bonvivant (except, that he ended his life by shooting himself. 465 palabras más


ENGLISH HW- 23.04.18

Dear learners, here is the home work for today.

Poem Comprehension: Answer the questions given on P. 23 in Notebook 1. Remember to refer to the points you had made in Class while brainstorming.Read your answers to see whether you have written the answers appropriately. 43 palabras más


Has Anyone Seen my Soul?

Has Anyone Seen my Soul?

Jennifer Schaeffer
April 19, 2018

She spent a lifetime looking for it. In other people. In other places. In anything but herself. 612 palabras más

UX Designer in Helsinki (Finland)

Where: Helsinki (Finland)

Extent of Work: Full Time

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We are looking for an experienced UX designer to join ABB Drives in-house design team. 274 palabras más


Minu uued/My new babies

Kohe kui ma neid sandaale nägin, teadsin ma, et need on minu selle suve kingad. Tahtsin neid endale juba siis soetada kui need veel valmiski polnud ja hoidsin kogu aeg KS sotsiaalmeedial silma peal, et mitte maha magada. 168 palabras más


Hart Crane

Who knows him? On father’s tombstone just a notice about him: “Lost at sea”…And yet!

He is an important modern writer to discover. T.S Eliot influenced him much. 1.276 palabras más