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Bowmore 12 years old Enigma,Travel retail exclusive, 40%. Bottled 2005.

A bit of a black sheep in the Bowmore family appearance wise but definitely not taste wise. The label on this bottling differs so much from most other Bowmore bottlings of the same era that this one really sticks out. 109 palabras más

Travel Retail Exclusive

Five Faves

Thanks for the tag, @chriscalledmesweetie​ and @jbaillier

rules: it’s time to love yourselves! choose your 5 favourite works you created in the past year (fics, art, edits, etc) and link them below to reflect on the amazing things you’ve brought into the world. 222 palabras más

A Confounding Little Puzzle

I’m a ghost — to keep from haunting;
I’m a fool — to keep from fooling you.
I’m dumb — to keep from being daunting; 85 palabras más


Enigma podfic?

Anonymous asked:

Hey, wanted to ask – is Enigma available in a podfic format and if so where can I find it?

Hiya, and thanks a lot for your message. 37 palabras más

Fics based on songs/music

Anonymous asked:

Do you ever use music/songs as story prompts? Every time I hear Feel Something by Adam Lambert I think of Sherlock, so I was curious if you do this as well. 232 palabras más

COVID-19, Cybersecurity and an Underlying Enigma

“The joint statement did not name any of the attacked organizations, but two people familiar with the matter said one of the targets was Gilead, whose antiviral drug remdesivir is the only treatment so far proven to help patients infected with COVID-19. 385 palabras más