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Veronica Mars film review

Pirates ahoy! Marshmallows rejoice! The Veronica Mars movie is finally hits theaters and is available for digital download! And now I promise to not end the rest of my sentences with exclamation points throughout the rest of this review. 959 palabras más


TV show - Flashpoint

For those of you who know me, you are probably aware that I love to watch movies and television programs. That said, oddly, several years ago I got so angry about the rising cost of my cable TV bill, I actually canceled cable TV. 167 palabras más

Travelers Season 2: Review, Analysis and Speculation

We made it through another season! Season 2 of Travelers had its ups and downs. Whereas I would have given season 1 an A+, I’d only give this season a B+. 13.265 palabras más


Travelers Season 2 Episode 3: Jacob Recap

This episode is a race against time, as more travelers who have been tortured while bound to wheelchairs are discovered, and the team realizes they have a serious problem on their hands. 3.156 palabras más


Travelers Season 2 Episode 2: PROTOCOL 4 Recap

The travelers take a minute to deal with their personal lives in this episode, after the events of the last few episodes have left them in an upheaval. 3.002 palabras más


Travelers Season 2 Episode 1: Ave Machina Recap

Welcome back to the 21st, fellow Travelers! It’s been a long year for us since we’ve heard from the Director, but only a short time has passed for the characters. 3.760 palabras más


Enrico Colantoni reveals why he joined 'Travelers,' and why everyone should watch

Canadian actor Enrico Colantoni has been on TV for three decades, starring in such a wide variety of shows it’s hard to keep them straight. 872 palabras más