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There’s an elephant in the room- let’s build a pragmatic, objective and transparent compensation policy! PART 2/2

As stated in part 1, this is an experience report from the author’s company where a more pragmatic, objective and transparent model is being used to determine compensation. 1.276 palabras más

Agile Method

There’s an elephant in the room- we can’t ignore employee compensation! PART 1/2

It’s more than obvious to all of us that compensation plays a major part in employees’ level of motivation. Well paid employees will try to do even better as they see their efforts getting rewarded. 582 palabras más


Secrets of the organizations with the world’s best performing "Workplace by Facebook"/ESN deployments

  • Early engagement from senior leaders and executives, ensuring front line staff feel connected with their leaders.
  • A community manager to facilitate Workplace at launch and create a network of “champions” to oversee their groups and ensure staff are engaged.
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Transparency is the foundation of good candidate experience- Part 3

Shroud of Secrecy

There is a general shroud of secrecy around the interview process , hiring decisions and compensation offered. When you don’t communicate, people tend to lose trust. 590 palabras más

Agile Method

Transparency is the foundation of good candidate experience - Part 2

In part 1 of this article we saw that candidates don’t get any constructive feedback in the assessment and interview process. The real problem is not the willingness of the companies. 603 palabras más