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God is in the detail (11-02)

When I first watched ‘The Ghost Monument’, my heart sank a little. For all my heartfelt belief that Chibnall had inherited the mantle of Chief Puzzler and Imp that Steven Moffat cast from his bosom ere he ran forth from the… 1.111 palabras más

Doctor Who

31 Days of Halloween- Day 19- Halloween (2018)

So, the day has finally arrived. Fanboys have been counting down to this release since the start of the year. Yes, even though the film was due to drop in October. 805 palabras más


Sleuthing the way to captaincy

Deepak and Shivashish are the winners of the luxury budget task and were nominated for the Bigg Boss captaincy task. On day 32 of Bigg Boss… 57 palabras más


A Review of The Beyonders

The Beyonders

In an incredibly imaginative fantasy world, a stereotypical hero meets an above par villain and engages in some awesome battles against him.

Rating: 8/10… 206 palabras más


How FINGER LENGTH could reveal your sexuality: Study finds women with more 'male' hands - where the ring and index digits are of different sizes - 'are more likely to be lesbian'

The length of a person’s fingers could provide a clue to their sexuality, with women whose ring fingers are longer than their index digits more likely to be lesbian, a study has suggested. 175 palabras más