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Chica Intelectual

Chica Intelectual by susieland featuring a red dress

Red dress
415 PAB –


Eres lingerie bra
220 PAB –

Marni flat… 55 palabras más

Blood Sacrifice Petite

Blood Sacrifice Petite por susieland con purple bags

Eres lingerie bra
220 PAB –

Pilot ruby pumps
64 PAB –

Purple bag
310 PAB –… 55 palabras más

The Weekender and What I Really Need

I am a seriously inefficient packer. Whether I’m overpacking big-

time, or under-packing on a major level, I’m usually forgetting a bunch of Weekend Essentials. One would think that after spending a semester jetting around the world with Grace, arguably the most organized human being on this planet, I would be an expert packer, a la Goldilocks– just right. 511 palabras más