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Sara Carbonero - Eres muy afortunado Lucas, tienes a mucha gente que te quier...

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NCLEX Quick Guide for Foreign Nurses

We have previously discussed the NCLEX application process for graduates trained within the US and its outlying territories. However, the process is somewhat different for those who are trained outside the US as there are additional requisites before you will be deemed eligible to take the exam. 1.459 palabras más


Chica Intelectual

Chica Intelectual by susieland featuring a red dress

Red dress
415 PAB –


Eres lingerie bra
220 PAB –

Marni flat… 55 palabras más

Blood Sacrifice Petite

Blood Sacrifice Petite por susieland con purple bags

Eres lingerie bra
220 PAB –

Pilot ruby pumps
64 PAB –

Purple bag
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The Weekender and What I Really Need

I am a seriously inefficient packer. Whether I’m overpacking big-

time, or under-packing on a major level, I’m usually forgetting a bunch of Weekend Essentials. One would think that after spending a semester jetting around the world with Grace, arguably the most organized human being on this planet, I would be an expert packer, a la Goldilocks– just right. 511 palabras más