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The Da Vinci Code Author Has Been Accused By His Ex-Wife Of Living A Double Life

Screenrant says that Dan Brown, author of The Da Vinci Code series, was sued by his ex-wife Blythe Brown (pictured together in 2013). And Blythe is coming for him like the Catholic Church after the last descendent of Jesus Christ! 228 palabras más

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Fellow Traveler

TRE45ON TRUMP loves Mother Russia more than the USA.

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The Lincoln Project is just TOO EPIC!!

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Anyone shocked that Trump did nothing?

He is also killing Americans, after all.

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The Lincoln Project are the best! Dems should take notes.

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He’s “Not Gay”

After people took issue with his behaviour for a number of reasons (racism included), Republican mess, Matt Gaetzt took to Twitter to claim he has a 19-year-old “son” named Nestor, who happens to be Cuban, which somehow proves he’s not racist. 114 palabras más


The Lincoln Project: “Trump Is Not Well”

Awesome ad. Love the way they keep hammering on him being ‘weak.’

One thing I wish drew greater attention though is his increasing gibberish.

HE NEVER MAKES ANY SENSE, can’t respond substantively to any direct question asked of him, clearly forgets what he’s talking about literally seconds after he says it. 18 palabras más

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