Medieval streets of Barcelona

Ancient street in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona…


Things I Love About Living in Spain (Month 1 Update)

Spain is great for many reasons. Today I want to write about what I love about it! There are some unique things about this place that I’ve noticed are different than anywhere we’ve lived before, so I’ve itemized those differences below. 859 palabras más

Film: El Silencio de Otros (Spain, 2018)

Mirador de la memoria
One of the monuments to victims of the Civil War and the Franco era
Credit for the image to Santiago Hernández… 1.025 palabras más


A shot set of images connected to the Spanish Civil war, shot around Barcelona while hunting for some contextual images for the State of Independence… 372 palabras más


A Week in Madrid in Pictures (Week #28)

This week, whilst finishing up with uni for the Easter holidays, I managed to snap some of the best views in Madrid I could find. Now, these are by no means professional standard, but here’s just a snapshot of what a week living in Madrid might look like: 7 palabras más