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Why do we play simulation games?

Simulation games have long been a best selling genre in the world of gaming. we live, we share, we farm, we drive and we sleep. What is it about these games that attracts us? 475 palabras más

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American Truck Simulator Review: 30,000 Pounds of Bananas

Euro Truck Simulator 2 was the kind of game that was really easy to wind down with. Rather than being a game about intense combat or one that requires you to heavily dig into complex puzzles, Euro Truck Simulator required you to drive across the European countryside and deliver goods to different places. 719 palabras más

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Let's Look At: American Truck Simulator

In our latest installment of Let’s Look At, Addam gets behind the wheels of American Truck Simulator which is set to release on February 3 via… 70 palabras más

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Why I'm still addicted to Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Its been a year since i bought this game on steam for less than a Php 500 or about $10 and this is still one of the game that I still play as of writing this short review. 336 palabras más

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Taking a step back: Handling gender dissonance in games with distance and abstraction


I’ve been thinking a fair bit about gaming and some of my choices in games. Sometime over the last year, my partner noted that I’ve been running almost exclusively female avatars, and asked what was up with that. 1.432 palabras más

Experimenting with bi-pride colored trucks. The small bits of utopian control we seek for in games.