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A Real Dash For A Truck Simulator

plays Euro Truck Simulator 2, and like any good simulator, there are people out there building consoles, cockpits, and dashboards. In ’s case, he wanted a dashboard for his virtual trucks… 145 palabras más

Transportation Hacks

E3 2015: 'American Truck Simulator' Receives Trailer

Created in part with Google Maps, American Truck Simulator allows players to drive across the United States. Obviously, the title is attempting to capitalize on the success of the Euro Truck Simulator titles, and offer a new set of environments to admire while you sit in rush hour traffic. 55 palabras más


My latest simulation craze: iRacing

Greetings, readers. I have written about hobbies like Flight Simulator and Train Simulator before. Thanks to search engines and YouTube, I have found that in the last few years there is a simulation game for almost everything. 330 palabras más


The Berlin Blues (Friday 13th Special)

Just thought I’d share my latest video, everyone. Hope you’ll enjoy…


Keep On Trucking

I’ve owned Euro Truck Simulator 2 for just over a week now. I’ve played it for about 12 hours and to be perfectly honest if I could have played it more during this period, then I probably would have.  1.224 palabras más


What's going on with me today, 10/3/14

Greetings, readers. It is a dreary Friday afternoon here in State College, Pennsylvania. Already the temperature is getting cold and the wind seems to be coming from the North. 466 palabras más



We thought, that at the moment of Open Alpha companies won’t work. So, we decided to suspend them for a certain time. Suspension means, that new companies mustn’t be made.