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Two Trucks Part 1 - The Iveco

I have finally completed the Steam Achievement of driving 1000km in trucks from each manufacturer. The last two makers were the Iveco and Volvo. I should put my hand up at this point and say that I was already marking these down as not going to join my personal fleet. 421 palabras más


Euro Truck Sim 2 Update 1.26

Today was the release day for 1.26 update of Euro Truck Simulator 2,bringing some new stuffs and fixing the old, plus getting the game ready for the new DLC Vive La France! 392 palabras más


Euro Zuk Simulator

It is true that once you own a vehicle you see them everywhere. So, from time to time when I see a Żuk somewhere in popular media such as videogames etc. 232 palabras más