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Euro Truck Sim 2 Update 1.26

Today was the release day for 1.26 update of Euro Truck Simulator 2,bringing some new stuffs and fixing the old, plus getting the game ready for the new DLC Vive La France! 392 palabras más


Euro Zuk Simulator

It is true that once you own a vehicle you see them everywhere. So, from time to time when I see a Żuk somewhere in popular media such as videogames etc. 232 palabras más


A Game Lost, A Lesson Learnt!

I have been using Computers, Laptops and other gadgetry since 1993. My usage of computer was limited for work and for some browsing purposes. I was never a computer gaming buff. 490 palabras más

My Penned Thoughts

ATS/ETS2 Advanced Coupling

SCS released a blog some days ago mentioning the upcoming update in both American and Euro Truck Simulator 2 about advanced coupling of trailers. In short words, everybody gets animated trailer legs now, so when you couple your trailer you will see the legs of the trailer rising. 214 palabras más

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