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Taking a step back: Handling gender dissonance in games with distance and abstraction


I’ve been thinking a fair bit about gaming and some of my choices in games. Sometime over the last year, my partner noted that I’ve been running almost exclusively female avatars, and asked what was up with that. 1.432 palabras más

Experimenting with bi-pride colored trucks. The small bits of utopian control we seek for in games.


American Truck Simulator trailer

No plot? No problem!

I am taking a bit of a conscious break from the standard RPG storytelling method/mechanic of addressing problems through mass violence. I don’t regard this as inherently bad, just bad for me at this time. 8 palabras más


Gamer Motivation Profile

This has been making the rounds this week. Quantic Foundry has expanded the Bartle Test looking a different factors. You can take the Gamer Motivation Profile… 19 palabras más