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Pound euro exchange rate: GBP/EUR eases despite Eurozone inflation hitting a two-year low

“Concerns about a global downturn are deepening, as Germany’s economy shrank in the second quarter while growth in the 19-nation region came in at just 0.2 .” Euro traders remain cautious as they anticipate an announcement from the ECB for fresh stimulus measures in September – an attempt to jump-start the ailing Eurozone economy – and […]

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The new Corsa was announced recently. This is big news – seeing as we buy them in the thousands. Now that Opel/Vauxhall is under Peugeot ownership, we’ve been led to believe that we’ll start seeing an increase in quality. 312 palabras más


Inside the world of negative interest-rates

A feature of modern economic life is that interest-rates were first cut as close to zero as central banks thought they could and then in more than few cases they went below zero giving us the acronym NIRP for Negative Interest-Rate Policy. 1.277 palabras más

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Pound to euro exchange rate: GBP is being dictated by ‘Brexit barometer’ - is it positive?

The pound is trading on a “Brexit Barometer” with the UK political scene impacting currency as trading opens this week, insist currency traders. Sterling saw a small rise as trading closed on Friday, giving a glimmer of hope for holidaymakers heading to the Eurozone. 15 palabras más


Notes From Underground: Another Fine Mess You Got Us Into, Olli Rehn

The Federal Reserve just won’t admit that President Trump and the European Central Bank are holding its policy designs captive. Trump ramps up talk of tariffs in an effort to keep the financial markets uncertain while the ECB wishes to pursue an ever expanding balance sheet in an effort to reach an ambivalent inflation target. 621 palabras más