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Day 278; England V Estonia

It is a bit of an irrelevant match as England have qualified. But with some key player injuries it is a chance for Roy to play with the team. 281 palabras más


Ireland, Shane Long & A Joyous Night To Celebrate

When it happened, it was incomprehensible. An ocean of people clad in green embraced and danced with complete strangers. Flags sailed in the clear night sky, plastic cups slipped through fingers and arms were thrown high above heads. 791 palabras más


It's the hope that kills you

“It’s not the despair, Laura. I can take the despair.  It’s the hope I can’t stand. ~ John Cleese (as Brian Stimpson in the film Clockwise) 376 palabras más

Planes, trains, automobiles and Ubahns

Its midnight in Germany when I step off the plane. I rub my eyes furiously, immediately so thankful I am not dealing with contacts right now. 606 palabras más


Ireland 1 Germany 0: Irish Battles To Famous Win

Shane Long scored a winner that’s celebrations were heard across the world as Ireland beat Germany one nil at the Aviva in Dublin.

The Germans completely dominated the possession and had an incredible 16 shots on goal, but the world champions couldn’t break the Irish defence. 510 palabras más

Why I Hate International Weeks

It has become a real depressing time when i see no games because of the international weeks not because i don’t like watching England games that’s another issue altogether,Its because i am tired of the whole qualifying process the top nations play all these extra games then come back with injuries picked up when let’s face it they are going to qualify so my opinion on it is play less qualifying games half it if possible and make your world ranking mean something if your in the top 10 in the world automatically qualify for the next major tournament. 76 palabras más


Lundi 5 octobre 2015: cent pour l'excellence!

En bon (?) Français, je râle beaucoup. En particulier, je déteste cette furie niveleuse qui, au nom d’une égalité brandie comme un étendard glorieux pour cacher l’envie qui meut les hordes de Durand et de Dupont de notre pays, fait de l’excellence, du mérite, de l’émulation, autant de délits. 234 palabras más

Carnet De Campagne