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Reykjavic Day 1

So here’s the thing I learned on my last day in Iceland. The colours on the Icelandic flag represent the majestic and beautiful nature of the island, something they have been proud of since way back in the day ( 47 palabras más


AS Roma in Boston 7/24 Training Session

As part of their preseason preparations, AS Roma is spending nearly two weeks in the United States. In what seems like an interesting twist on the usual big European Club comes to America for preseason tour for the benefits of promoting the Club at the expense of the team’s preseason training, they are spending July 24 through the 30th in Boston for training only. 1.335 palabras más


We were warned many times about pickpockets in Europe from family, friends, and even signs posted in buses, subways, and train stations. We thought we were being safe with our money and other valuables by not putting anything in a back pocket. 218 palabras más

Venice Italy

My little pressie from France - Fauchon Paris Macarons

Alex has to be one of the luckiest football fans. On the Friday before the Euro 2016 finals, he got a message to see if he wanted to take someone’s place in a 24 hour round trip to France and back. 417 palabras más

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England Manager – The FA have chosen

Precisely 25 days since Roy Hodgson sat in a post match press conference telling all of Europe that his time was up as manager of the England team, they have found his successor. 670 palabras más


Big Sam, Big Flop?

Although it’s not been officially announced by the FA, Sam Allardyce has long been the primary front-runner to replace Roy in the England manager’s seat. If we assume, as BBC has done, that there will be an announcement late this week that he is confirmed, he will leave his role at Sunderland and take the position. 505 palabras más


Reports coming in today suggest that the violence in France towards the english fans is totally and utterly unprovoked. The reports, which have come from what is classed as Sky Sources, and cannot be disclosed, also hint at the level of organisation behind this. 49 palabras más