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Day 7: a new day, a new result and a new approach

The result

So just as the six days before, it was pretty  easy to achieve my set goal as the table below clearly shows.

Day… 266 palabras más

Day 5: Daily result and a new goal?

I started this blog to keep track of my attempt to gather a million euros on the stock market. This by keeping to a few simple rules, from which the 1,5% rule is the most important. 383 palabras más


Day 4: A boring trading day

4 1045,678 1,045678 15,68518 1061,36 25-5-2015 1066

Today is the start of a new week in my attempt to reach one million euros and although it’s a holiday in the Netherlands where I live, the market is opened for business. 217 palabras más


Day two: a quickie

And so here it is, is my second post for the day. It is now 10.00 a.m. and i already have reached my set goal for the day. 187 palabras más


Dollars, Pounds n' Euros, Baby!

Life goes in strange circles, and you often realise when you least expect it. I was going through my computer files the other day, on my various external hard disks, just to make sure everything is well organised and, more importantly, backed up properly. 143 palabras más


One million euros

This blog keeps track of my attempt to earn one million euros on the stock starting with only €1000,–.

this project will start20 may 2015.

keep you posted.